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Japanese tomatoes in a glass
08 Feb 2020

Some new options on spirits based on fruit and vegetables are invading the market and adding to the opulence of ingredients available for cocktail creation. We played with red tomato gin and black tomato gin, Crop Harvest Earth Organic Tomato Vodka, Belvedere Bloody Mary Vodka and more…, but now a couple of bottles of an interesting tomato liqueur fell into our hands at the Speakeasyhacker’s lab!



With more than 120 years of history in tomato cultivation and producing various tomato based products, Japanese company, Kagome set forth a new corporate philosophy that re-examined the spirit and company creed that Kagome's management has historically held. Appreciation is what the Company's founder, Ichitaro Kanie, ultimately attained as a manager. Nature is the source of Kagome's products and the value it provides. Corporate Openness expresses Kagome's commitment to being a company that is fair and open toward people and society. These three words embody Kagome's corporate philosophy which is fantastic to see the Japanese leading on for a better World.


La Tomato liqueur, made with these Japanese cultivated fruity and refreshing tomatoes in taste, fresh acidity and faint sweetness. A moderate fragrance tomato liqueur at 18% Abv from using the bright red tomato to a core clogged up with this flesh closely comes in 50 cl bottles.


Mix it with tonic and a lemon twist and add Sake too! Add a couple of centiliters into your beer, drink neat or add to your gin or vodka on ice and a chilly pepper! But be more adventurous and make a couple of martinis too!


Play with a classic Vesper Martini

6 cl citrus character gin 

1.5 cl premium or refinely distilled vodka 

1.5 cl La tomato liqueur 

Shake all ingredients and strain into a chilled martini glass, add a lemon twist. 


Speakeasyhacker’s preferred recipe on trial was the following: 

X Large Saketini!

6 cl light fruity Sake (we used the Samurai sake pure and not diluted with water by Asahikawa brewery) 

2 cl La tomato liqueur 

1,5 cl fresh lime juice 

Shake all ingredients and strain into a chilled martini glass, add a basil leaf.

Alternatively since it was still lunchtime we have also tried it in a highball with tonic water!



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