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Orange Wine by George Loukakis
25 Feb 2017
"It is not a wine made by oranges !It looks like wine gone off! But make sure you’re sitting down when you taste your first orange wine and you have erased the taste memory of any other wine. It tastes oxidized, like brazil nuts, sour apples, linseed oil, wood varnish, honey, juniper and more… !"
Editor’s notes



The orange myth by

George  Loukakis


1. The orange myth?

The orange myth advocates, of which I am one, but accept there are those less than convinced.


2. Is it true that people fed up with Merlot and easy wines prefer character and individuality?

Not particularly with the grape Merlot I would say, people nowadays they want to give a try on more diverse style of grapes and wines. Getting more open minded on taste.


3. How does it come to this color……production

White wines that are made like red in production. What it means? You leave the juice with the skins and seeds for up to a year. Maceration is holding like reds on higher temperatures and voila colour is gained. Ok for sure the vessel is important as well time to time. Clay amphoras or concrete tanks helping the game.


4. How does it pair?

Orange wines are bold on style, quite powerful. So they pair well with bolder dishes such as curry dishes, starch like ravioli.


5. Is orange wine close to vermouth if you add herbal bitters?

My personal opinion, no. Great Vermouths have more aromatic style of wines as a base product.


6. How can one fully appreciate orange wines?

To appreciate an Orange wine, treat as red wine. Higher serving temperature, I always like to decant them as well.
People that are not red wine drinkers will adore them


Born in Chania Greece from a Cypriot Mother, Sommelier George Loukakis is awarded  the Best Sommelier of Cyprus 2015, Master Sommelier Candidate and  is a WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) Diploma Student currently serves as Group Sommelier for Columbia Restaurants in Cyprus.


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