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Mr Lyan ( Ryan Chetiyawardana) Mr Lyan ( Ryan Chetiyawardana)
05 Mar 2017

Re-use not waste 2017 is all about minimizing not only waste in cooking but drinks waste too, all those leftovers of syrups and bits from various cuts destined to fill the bin!



World trend for bartenders to create cocktails from leftovers!

In bars that serve  many drinks per day it is nowadays important to maintain something interesting and delicious that does not produce so much rubbish. Everything is at our disposal ! Bartender Rich Woods from the Duck & Waffle restaurant in London, has brought back his Urban Decay menu which upcycles anything from the fridge that would normally end up in the bin. His recycled Mai Tai mixing rum, lime juice and a liqueur made from distilling used coffee grinds in alcohol and syrup flavored with nutshells. Daquiri is made with sour milk, banana skins and coconut husks.

White Lyan and Dandelyan bars have modern botany ‘closed loop’ menus created by the most studious of bartending gentlemen, Mr Lyan (Ryan Chetiyawardana) who wants to show that luxury doesn’t need to be excessive and wasteful. He uses excess cucumber pre-sliced for G&T, lemon husks are becoming sweet falernum and he even tries to experiment with dissolved egg shells.  His  ‘ closed loop’ philosophy is that each drink is grouped by ecosystem rather than ingredient. But it's never for its own sake. Closed-loop drinks offer cost savings -- "a bar has certain margins it needs to make to function" -- and ecological value.

We have gone though molecular and its performances now it seems to be fermentation and its immense opportunities for sustainability.