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The woah factor!
18 Mar 2017

There is no legal definition of the production of a gin aged in whisky barrels.  Is it a whisky or a gin? It is certainly not the first brand where distilleries produced gins spending time in whisky barrels. It’s a gin with a tea color approach to whisky and an experiment!

Koval barreled gin follows the same pattern of artisan production to organic grain to bottle mentality gin as its highly awarded Koval dry gin with the difference of resting it in Koval whisky barrels, eventually bottling a unique crisp spirit that should appeal to gin and whisky drinkers alike, if possible!

Crisp spirit, toasted coriander, rose hip, juniper, angelica root, notes on caramel, honey, vanilla, malt and evidences of wood spices. Perhaps long wood spices on the palate too! 

Like most premium spirits, enjoy it sipping straight from the bottle or with some ice and play gin or whisky lover! But then again if you’re looking for a way to switch up that Negroni or Martini, perhaps a barrel-aged gin will do the trick. 

Here I stirred one part barreled Koval with two halves of vermouth rosso and bianco with a couple of Indian roses for extra floral notes. You will still get that oaky finish and you will be drinking something between a Μartini and/or a Manhattan!

Koval barreled gin is another successful fine spirit under the expertise of Doctor Robert Birnecker master distiller and CEO of Koval distillery in Chicago. It won the GOLD MEDAL 2016 Los Angeles International Spirits Competition and GOLD MEDAL 2016 New York World Wine and Spirits Competition.

Our next looking forward presentation from this distillery  will be the KOVAL barreled peach brandy, when it reaches our ports, which is dedicated to the aunt Susan of the CEO an artist sculptor hence a beautiful floral bottle.


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