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You never pour your own drink
25 Jun 2017

The burnt liquor 소주; 燒酒 , SOJU since the Mongol invasions of Korea  in the 12th century, by the Yuan Mongols. These Mongols have acquired the technique of distilling arak from the Persians during  the invasion of Anatolia, and Persia. Soju is still called arak-ju.

Soju is traditionally made in South Korea by distilling alcohol from fermented grains. Since original productions sweeteners have been added, potato and rice is being also used to differ the end results. In 2000s, soju started to dominate the world's spirit market presented even in the top 100 global spirit brands.

Soju is neutral-tasting like vodka, 20-24% alcohol  but doesn’t have the harsh alcohol burn. It is consumed straight with food, but also mixes well into cocktails. Replace it with gin in a Negroni or mix it with ginger, gin, coconut or else…



A Summer cool one would be when mixed with ginger syrup, watermelon juice, and simple syrup, or mix it with Sake and create Asian mystique cocktails as there is a certain aura about this!

Koreans like in many other social gestures have very strict rules of etiquette  and showing respect when drinking soju. If they receive  a glass from an elderly person, they must hold the glass with two hands  and bow the head gently. When it is time to drink, the drinker must turn away from the elder, and cover the mouth and glass with their hands. The first drink must be finished in one shot. When the glass is empty, the drinker hands it back to the person who poured the drink for them and the drinker then pours them a shot. This starts a series of glass and bottle passes around the table! You never pour your own drink!


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