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05 Aug 2017

Simone Caporale (interviewed on faces) at a recent REAL fruit purees presentation , has shown various alternative uses of the purees to enhance the flavors of various cocktails. He has based his suggestions on classic combinations but changed ingredients and flavors to come to similar results but with new taste. Some of the suggested combinations were (a)Tequila, watermelon juice, fresh coriander leaves, dry sherry, agave syrup (b) Bourbon, sauvignon blanc, lime juice,  Pineapple puree, bitters. 

Simone maintain that a puree can sometimes bridge certain ingredients and not necessarily win the taste of the cocktail but just add some refreshing almost unidentified notes to the palate.

Here is a cocktail in a tulip glass dipped in icing sugar for effect using brandy with triple sec, maraschino liqueur, fresh lemon juice and blueberry puree as a bridge!



Simone’s  presence and experience  were definitely inspiring and educating to all the participants in the presentation as he passed on various aspects of bartending based on his beliefs . He spoke of bartenders to  respect classic recipies and rules but encouraged attempts  to experiment and break the rules even with the possibility of failure as there would be no development and progress in the field.


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