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Happy 1st Birthday to SPEAKEASYHACKER !
29 Jan 2018

Although fiber can  help lower your  blood sugar and blood pressure levels, prevent inflammation and protect heart health, it can also reduce the lipoprotein or "bad" cholesterol levels. The cynarin in artichokes increases bile production in your liver, which in turn rids cholesterol from your body.

The artichoke  is described as a garden plant in the 8th century BC by Homer and Hesiod. The naturally occurring variant of the artichoke, the cardoon (Cynara cardunculus), which is native to the Mediterranean area,   it also has records of use as a food among the ancient Greeks and Romans.

In the Mediterranean and North Afrika where it was first spread it is been used in many dishes as casseroles but often eaten raw for best nutritional results. Today’s story has no significant nutritional value but lots of calories …

Hacker, when behind the bar plays and experiments .On this occasion hacker made a velvety artichoke syrup where 2 cl of this and 6 cl Diplomatico Exclusiva rum, with few equal dashes of Bitter truth’s  roots and grapefruit were stirred to compile many(!) rum old fashioned cocktails to celebrate our WWW.SPEAKEASYHACKER.COM  1ST birthday celebration with all the people involved ! It was pizzas, cocktails and lots of funny stories. Enjoy and thank you for visiting us!


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