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Rum and new distillation systems!
12 Feb 2018

The rum market and the influx or etiquettes has taken over the bar scene! But yet there is no method of correct information on the labels as the production is not regulated in certain countries or regions of production.

 It intriques me that what it looks as a prestigious rum label may come from a location with no distillery! The consumers should be more aware as to what they are been served, the bartenders should research a lot more, but the traders has to respect this beautiful product more and come to a sort of upgraded codes of communicating the virtues and the methods of production.

Serious works though from one of the largest producers of rum at the bottom of Andes mountains in Venezuela, Diplomatico rum is distributed in over 60 countries and it holds the ‘Ron de Venezuela’ DOC (Protected Denomination of Origin) and is recognized as one of the finest rums in the world.

Diplomatico’s unique elaboration process, combines new technology with craftsmanship combined with tradition which all derives to the art of making rum. The distillery has developed a unique style of merging different distillation methods to produce a wide range of complex distillates. The Distillery Collection highlights these distillation systems with two new expressions, released in October 2017, a Single Batch Kettle rum and a Single Barbet Column rum. The distillery collection is a limited edition featuring each rum’s individual personality.



No 1 Batch distillation system

The Single Batch Kettle was made with a batch kettle still that was brought to the distillery in 1959. The batch distillation method was originally employed in Canada for the production of American whiskey. The “complex” and medium-bodied expression is made from sugar cane honeys, and is aged in American white oak barrels. After aging the rum acquires an elegant and rich nose of aromas like vanilla, cherry, strawberry and banana. A well balanced on the palate, sweet at first followed by a notes of tropical fruits. A soft, sweet and cool aftertaste.

‘The batch kettle is a discontinuous distillation system ,as in the case of pot stills. The main difference between them is that the batch kettle  system has a column attached that substitutes the swan neck of a traditional pot still. It’s in this column with multiple plates that the separation takes place. In a more controlled and precise manner, thereby obtaining a product profile in line with the master distiller’s specifications. 



This system is characterized by a batch distillation, which means that a certain volume of fermented liquid is introduced for distillation and ,as this is gradually depleted, it leaves a residue or water that is drained off to be added to the next batch. This system is controlled by the Maestros Romeros, and is therefore considered a semi-artisanal system. ‘


No 2 Barbet distillation system

The Barbet Column distillation system, originally created in France was also brought to the distillery in 1959. The Barbet column is made of 100% copper, a type of metal that enables the elimination of undesirable sulfur compounds, which form in the fermentation process. Single Barbet Column is aged in American white oak barrels and uses high-quality sugar cane molasses. Described as having a “strong fruity” profile of mango and passion fruit with caramel and oak. Smooth palate and dry with delicate wood and citrus flavors. 

‘This distillation system consists of two columns: the Aldehyde column, in which the undesired elements are separated from the rest of the liquid, and the Rectifying column. In the latter the congeners are separate and  only the desired elements are kept, such as esters and aldehytes. The rectification system is not found in other traditional systems of extraction-type columns. It is unique to this design and is what gives the characteristic profile to the alcohol obtained.



The Barbet column is made of 100% copper, as opposed to traditional columns, which are usually made from stainless steel. Copper is a material able to eliminate sulfur compounds, specific to the fermentation process, and undesirable from a sensorial point of view. In this way copper can separate out these elements and eliminate them’. 


These additional bottles on the Diplomatico rum range,  The distillery collection, 

No 1 Batch Kettle rum and No 2 Barbet rum elevates the distillery to another level and increases the expectancy for more beautiful and individual character rums to be presented in the near future. Best enjoyed neat and cheers!


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