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A Bourbon Story
13 Mar 2019

Elijah Craig (1800) is often referred to as the inventor of bourbon whiskey (!), although rather dubiously for this credit according to some. He was a Baptist preacher in Virginia, educator but an entrepreneur in the area of Virginia that later became the state of Kentucky. 

In late 17th century Elijah Craig founded a distillery and sometimes claimed to be the first to age whiskey in charred oak casks which leads to giving a rather red color and a different taste to the whiskey. Lots of confusing information of those times indicates that the distillery was not in the bourbon county nor that his whiskey was unique nor that he practiced charring of the aging barrels as the brand claims. It could be that the distillery entered the Bourbon county when it was formed in 1785. 

American whiskey authority Charles Kendrick Cowdery believes Elijah Craig was making exactly the same kind of whiskey as most of his contemporaries. 

However, whether true or not, today Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. is an American, private family-owned and operated distillery founded in 1935 and headquartered in  Kentucky and uses the same methods and traditions as in 200 years ago used by Elijah Graig using local corn milled and mixed with Kentucky spring water, rich in limestone, fermented and distilled.

The Elijah Graig is a premium and super premium bourbon featuring the original small batch straight bourbon and aged, straight from the barrel.

The original small batch straight Bourbon Whiskey.

The unfiltered aged and straight from the barrel.

The 18 year old bottled solely from one barrel.

The 23 year old rarely allowed to age for that long in Kentucky.

An interesting collection of bourbons with character and a lot to say while tasting the different bottles! Best to mark an occasion with the 23 year old, full of oak touches, vanilla, subtle and with a specific taste of an exceptionally balanced bourbon!



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