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25 Feb 2017

Delicious poison

Once titled  ‘ Delicious poison’ the vegetable named for some reason ‘ Jerusalem artichoke’ ,although of Indian origin, and very particular to the Cypriot traditional dishes,  ‘Kolokasi’, contains a kind of acid that should it be consumed raw and in quantity it disperses this acid in the body and causes a heart attack!

However being  a vegetable with not a strong ‘personality’ it can be very versatile and can be adopted in many recipies and in combination with meat or fish it can be part of a great dish. In Cyprus, Sotira village in the red soil area, claims to be the main producing area on the island and has even formed a festival in the honor of Kolokasi, just any excuse to celebrate culture and has also formed a representative group promoting various recipie interpretation, some a little rudiculous and especially when suggested in cocktails!

But I would go ahead of my lines if I carry on, the reason why these words is to get to an Asian influenced recipie put together at home one cold day.


Freshly grated ginger

Finely chopped lemon grass

Finely chopped garlic

Chopped onions


Fresh coriander leaves


And from there on add your choice as below

In an oiled wok , fry the garlic, ginger, and lemon grass, add the onion till soft, add the chopped kolokasi and stir fry for a good 7 minutes in high heat, then add coriander leaves. From here you may take  many directions………..

For example add some tomato puree and some vegetable stock, stir, season and cover to cook till soft  in  low heat or add some  curry powder and stock, a touch of yoghurt and fresh lime to end to an Asian origin or add some chopped tomatoes, turmeric, coconut cream but my best one was a red curry paste with coconut cream and chopped bananas, which went well with grilled fillets of Perch !Dare and enjoy diversity and many more!  


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