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Editor's Note
25 Feb 2017
Well well !It’s food and drink!
The century of choice where the world of goods is at our disposal to mix and match, fuse and infuse, craft and recycle, preserve and ferment and all these sudden jargon to suit our genius creations. 
The century where we kill each other at war, we destruct human beings, we deny what  means 'right',  the politicians compete to a lying race, anyone and anything are called the government and so much ignorance as to what we do to mother Earth…all these issues…and what the hell is happening?
But on another note…. we all put a smile on our face through commercialism kicks and hiding behind technology we make the bars and cafes look busy,  the restaurants  springing like mushrooms and the ball is rolling in every direction! Hurry, hurry don’t miss out! There is effort, creativity and passion out there, just go out and suck it all in!
I’ve been called an 'attitudist' ! An eccentric and a very difficult person! Cheers to that! The answer is I have smoked a few good cigars in my life! I’ve tasted very old Armagnacs in underground cellars with some very grand people, you could never tell! 
So what is all this about? I’m an aristocratic gypsy, I’m a hacker looking for passion, attitude, eccentricity and difficulty. I love to find the small print into the little thought behind ,that is literally the importance!


Paris Christofides


P.S. I’m not a journalist or a writer but an 'attitudist'


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