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Dimitris Katrivesis
25 Feb 2017
"My concepts are the trends for the last 5 years in Greece and not only, that’s why they are so copied and that’s why until today they have such a success"

Dimitris Katrivesis culinary experience



-What is the idea behind  La Pantera Negra ? 

Speaking for La Pantera Negra was the moment to present something rock /loud/and tasty in a value for money format. I designed it as if it was my own house, like the restaurant I want to go, a big lounge and an open kitchen to share time over food with my friends.


-What  elements you are looking for a dish to have?

Surprise/freshness/best product/healthy/unique/with a story to say.


-Why chefs have crazy moments where temper reaches red?

It’s really complicate to explain it in a few lines:

Food is the centre of our lives and we view every plate that leaves our kitchen as a product that carries our signature heart and soul. Giving all of our passion to the food and been artists been impulsive  ,trying to control every second so everything to be perfect …we have moments of fully happiness and moments of fully  disaster …if you can’t stand the heat !…


-How do you spend your free time? 

Ride my Harley /aikido/ run/a lot of food trips with my wife


-How do you choose your kitchen brigade?

I don’t look that much the c.v’s that they send me. I look for good people to grow my family. I want to have ‘clean’ personalities willing to learn.


-At which place in a chef’s career you feel complete to manage people in the kitchen?

This comes with the years ,you start as an apprentice ,you continue as a commis de partier ,you learn how to be a chef de partier and with the years you become sous chef or chef de cuisine so it’s the natural order of things after years of practice and evolution to become a leader in a kitchen. It is the moment that you stop learning and you start giving your own vision on cooking, having your own way of doing things.


-All your concepts have not been the norm in dining. What makes you go for a niche market?

Allow me disagree with that. My concepts are the trends for the last 5 years in Greece and not only, that’s why they are so copied and that’s why until today they have such a success. Mistura is inside the Elouda beach hotel with a worldwide reputation .Inbi is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Europe. My street food pop up concepts are a blast in every event…Pantera Negra is a small project with a lot of heart in it, providing top quality and the results is the love of its clientele. Being avant guard sometimes it puts you in a place to create a concept for a niche market and when you open the way you don't know if you are right or wrong you just believe in yourself.


-Which one is your most difficult dish and why?

Tuna bone marrow because we can only make it when we have a tuna over 60 kg.

After we clean the tuna we take out the jelly marrow out of the tuna spine.

It gives us 4 portions out of a 60 kg tuna and only every 3 to 4 months 

Basically you can eat this plate in my restaurant only 3 times a year and only 4 portions first come… first served!

We serve it with ponzu masato, apple sphere and passion fruit 


-Where would you like to travel next?

Well the program for this year is heavy, next stop is Paris that I open my next restaurant, next is Konstantinoupoli! In September I will visit Peru where I have a presentation for Mistura.


-What are your favorite dishes that you eat when not at work?

I enjoy simple tasty food from bar buns in Yamtcha (Paris) to the best ceviche in Ceviche London or the best quinoa salad s\that my wife makes me every Sunday!!


-Do you have a favorite cocktail or spirit?

I don’t drink a lot but for sure I like to enjoy a good Japanese whisky or an X.O  Dominican rum .In La Pantera Negra we work now in a line of fermented cocktails with very surprising taste and very healthy , Masato is one of my favorites.


-Where next for gastronomy? What are the next trends in eating?

Well the food trends for 2017 are

1. The craft and the hand crafted products

2. Seaweeds are the new kale 

3. for sour healthy food and drinks

4. Waste not .recycle the food waste

5. in tradition we trust, know your roots 

6. the body in tune, choose which food is best for your body

7. the butcher to the table, perfect cut of meets direct to the josper and to your table

8. Ethnic food that…, Latin, exotic 

9. Jackfruit the new meat for vegans

10. smoke everything, from ceviche to cocktails and from steaks to desserts smoke, smoke, smoke.

11. nostalgia remix good old classics, revisit with modernity


-What are these words for you?

A. BALANCE…………………… healthy, kokumi the sixth taste, know what you eat

B. FEELING………..heart, soul, understanding 

C. MOVEMENT………energy, emotion, feeling 

D. SHAPE…………balance with the nature, emotion, unknown textures 

E. TEMPERATURE…………contrast, surprise



Dimitris Katrivesis started his culinary journey in hotels and restaurants in Greece and after in the Carnary Islands at a small Greek restaurant. Not long after he joins the team at El Bulli with Ferran Adria . He studies in Le Notre escuel de cuisine, Paris, the insides of pasrty work and  in 2006 in Tenerife he opens his first one man show restaurant Alkimia while a second restaurant Siphon, in 2007, presents a Greek modern cooking  a la minute. From there on he joins the team of Albert Raurich (ex El Buli) in Dos Palilos one star Michelin restaurant in Barcellona, specializing in innovative Asian Tapas and back to Sani Marina resort Greece for a couple of years, he leads the team of Sea you on a Japanese fusion cuisine. His need to search for more complexity takes him to join in Tokyo the Ryugin two star Michelin restaurant.

He then moved to London to complete his global research one Nikkei cuisine. He first presents the Nikkei cuisine in Athens, at the Oozora restaurant. In 2015 he takes the leadership of Cinco restaurant in Athens and he presents the JSP concept (Japan, Spain, Peru) an Avant Gard presentation of Nikei cuisine mixed with Spanish and Greek influences. The same year he opens and owes the brand Mistura, a restaurant with Nikkei flavors in Mykonos.  He is also the executive chef of Inbi restaurants. We met Dimitris in Athens, being the owner and  chef at his latest addition, the Peruvian fusion La Pantera Negra.



Editors note:
Dimitris Katrivesis, new generation Greek International Chef of distinction full of passion and anger to achieve and deliver!  He lays grand culinary stones next to the Parthenon for others to stand on and go further, just like his anscestors. Enjoy his work it’s worth it!

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