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Loreta Toska
27 Apr 2017

Why do you thinκ ‘ Silver Lining’ won the judgment as the best cocktail to win the Bacardi Legacy and represent Greece to the finals in Berlin this May?

I think because it had all the elements of a Legacy drink: A unique and simple recipe inspired by a personal story that can anyone imprint himself in it and with a strategic campaign designed for its promotion.


Take us on the road from the idea to the competition day?

Well my idea was to play with temperatures and textures in a drink that will express in the most simple way my personality. I try all the time to be positive and to see the best in bad situations so I wanted my drink to represent this. And because I always gaze at the clouds, Silver Lining was the obvious name for my cocktail.


How do you discipline yourself to achieve a goal?

The most difficult thing is to stay focused in your goal for such a long period but if you believe in your goal you always find a way...


How would you describe yourself as a bartender? What are you aiming to do behind the bar?

I would consider myself as a dedicated and committed bartender. I am aiming always to be creative.


Finish these ingredients to a possible cocktail with a spirit.

a. Pomegranate, rosemary……….. Gin.

b. Pumpkin, curry………Whiskey.

c. Beetroot, mustard………………….Tequila.


What is your life philosophy?

Always to “Look for the Silver Lining”!


Which spirit you think is the most diversified and why?

I think rum because it has less law restrictions than other spirits.


Everything is done these days behind the bar. How do you feel cocktailing will develop into a new trend in the near future?

It will be stabilized into categories even more than it is today.


Give us 3 words to describe the best/ideal bartender for you.

Polite, clean, communicative.


You have been a bartender in many places till today. Different levels, different ambiances, etc all good experiences usually. At which place did you feel you have learned the most important things?

Theory bar & more where I work for the last 3 years gave me the best “soil” to grow and bloom.


How do you see yourself in the future?

Chasing new challenges. 

What is happening to you as a person now on tour with the Silver Lining?

It made me stronger and ‘richer’.


Create a Mediterranean cocktail for ‘Hacker’ using only local ingredients.

Mastiha Spirit, Italian Bitter Aperitif, Greek Brandy, a splash of sparking water and fresh rosemary for garnish. ’HACKER’ and enjoy it!


Loreta Toska from Greece studied public relations and communication and  works for the last 15 years in the field of hospitality and for at least the last 4 years as a serious professional bartender. Now she leads a strong team at the THEORY BAR & MORE in Halandri, Athens. In 2015-2016 she was the Finalist World Class Greece and in 2017 The Bacardi Legacy Winner of Greece representing the country to the World finals on the 23rd May in Berlin.


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