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Simone Caporale
02 Aug 2017
"…………… get inspired of what others do and adapt it to something newer."
Simone Caporale


. You are one of the most charismatic new generation bartenders that have walked many red carpets of success since you left young from hometown Como. As you said to an interview, people on a night out need an experience otherwise they can drink at home. How do you stage yourself as a bartender in front of a customer without being repetitive in creating this experience?

I generally start from zero, any time… those first 30 seconds of talking with a new guest are the most important in order to “read” his/her personality and get the best option of drink….


. Fresh fruit vs. Fruit puree?

If you have seasonal fruit at the maximum of its characteristic you should use it fresh, otherwise a fruit puree can be the best option that guarantee consistency through a longer period of the year…


. How flexible do you find yourself from when you started to today in using ingredients, and techniques to arrive to the same result?

Flexibility is what assures you stability. Saying this, to make a good ingredient you must adopt good starting produce… you can get to a closer result to what you have planned originally if you know how to handle certain basic elements… I said closer, because also some ingredients are never the same during the whole year and this means that your drink constantly have a small variations, sometime unnoticeable.



. Lately you have been inspired by a line of perfumes or fragrances to mix with Tanqueray No. Ten for the Sartoria in London’s Mayfair. Give us some examples of what ingredients have you used to arrive to similar cocktail ambiance as a fragrance.

I did some cocktails using the same aromatic absolutes which form part of the aromatic structure of a perfume or an aromatic cosmetic… absolutes are very strong and powerful, basically undrinkable, so I had to dilute them up to 1 or 3 % and that’s what was the cocktail…. People were actually drinking what makes a real perfume. Simply diluted.


. London loves charismatic Chefs and Bartender professionals and treats them like Rock stars. Going back to the Roux Brothers, Nico Ladenis, Marco Pierre White, Brian Silva, Giuliano Morandin, Salvatore Calabrese, and more…At what stage of your career did you feel that the London system is loving you too and has opened your wings to fly to a new world?

The first and most real love any bartender can receive in the whole world and not just in London is the expectation and appreciation form a guest in the bar…that’s the real thing that moves all the rest of the energies…. You don’t need a system that allows you to spread your wing. You need a work environment, colleagues, managers who trust you and give you the freedom to be professionally creative…

Most of rock stars must do a show.. and shows generally are fake… or too much planning to be kept real… 



. Especially after the collaboration with Jamie Oliver on drinks tube you are an inspiration to many bartenders and ‘wanna be you’! What would be the five descriptive words that you feel should describe a true professional bartender today?

1. Don’t be afraid of making mistake

2. Keep in mind that you can not please everyone, someone will be always less positive or not keen on you.

3. Don’t work for free, especially when is related to a multimillion dollar spirits company

4. Don’t copy or replicate someone else, work for getting personal credit, get inspired of what others do and adapt it to something newer.

5. Remember that time is the most precious thing and the one you have lost it can not come back again.


. Name some of the most unusual ingredient combinations you have used in a cocktail so far.

Kiwi manhattan

Figs and chinotto

Cashew fruit and uni blanc

Abalone and pomelo



. When you take your suit off and with your casuals showing your tattoos (!) as a customer to a simple bar what would you drink?

I have stopped wearing a suit 5 years ago when I saw that it became a forced stereotype in global scale cocktail competitions… you don’t need a suit to be better or look better… it takes few second to define a person from being genuine or not…

I would drink everything… but now I have reduce my drinking habits up to 90%... I taste a lot but I don’t drink that much anymore…I’m getting old !!!


. How do Real fruit purees compare to whatever is available on the market?

Cheap things are not good. Good things are not cheap…

The difference its obvious. There is REAL fruit into it and you can see it by the natural sediments that occur and a shorter shelf life…I love to use them because I know what I get and they give me a lot of inspiration when I play with new flavor combinations.


. Pair the following ingredients to a drink

1. Smoked Haddock with horseradish and orange segments


2. Honey glazed five spice duck


3. Gyro tower with tzatziki layers


4. Artichokes with parmesan flakes on a soy and honey glaze



Simone Caporale, one of the most successful bartenders of the new generation. He started from coffee bars in beautiful Como, his home town, and little that he knew that going to London the world just opened up in front of him. International brands employed him as an Ambassador while many awards of recognition came his way but one must not forget that this is after long hours of hard work. What he promises ti us is more creativity and many more projects ahead!


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