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What's your story now - Pavlos Aslanidis
13 Dec 2017

What’s your story now?

Pavlos comes from Thessaloniki/Greece where he has worked with many teams at reputable bars such as Vogatsikou 3 and Spitaki Cocktail Bar. He took part in many bartending competitions with distinction. He also won the Beefeater MixLdn CY Competition. He declares a rum fan while amongst the people that inspired him is Ago Perone and Marian Beke on the knowledge of ingredients. Pavlos is currently the Head Bartender  at the Columbia Beach but has a story for the hacker!


1. What’s the fuss right now in the bartending world? 

Simple and classy drinks, not so fancy as the previous years and of course the re-invented classics. We respect the classics. Premium and healthy products, detox, pickled, salty and of course Vermouth and Aperitivo cocktails. It will be the next big thing….


2. You have created a cocktail ‘El Pappy’s’ for the Bacardi Legacy 2017. What was the inspiration for it’s name and can we try it somewhere?

The inspiration behind El Pappy’s is the first Brand Ambassador of Bacardi Family, Pappy Valiente. A happy bartender-brand ambassador. A taxi driver. The man with the hut on his head. A man with a raised glass of Bacardi Rum welcoming the tourist. Hospitality at it’s best. 

That’s my inspiration… 

You can try my cocktail at my bar of course…at Columbia Beach, but you will try it also to many bars in the next month all around the Cyprus.



3. How far do you want to go with your story?

I want to go as far as I can, as far as the story of  my Bacardi Legacy cocktail can go. I will try and I will do my best. Anyway the journey is the most important thing. It’s like a bag  that you are fulfilling with knowledge and stories….I hope it will never end.


4. How difficult is it to feel so responsible from the time of forming the idea to the execution and the dream there after?

No idea I will explore it now…..hahahahaha


5. What do you see as the future of Pavlos?

Hmmm…difficult question. I don’t really know. First of all I don’t know if I will be here for the rest of my life or at another country, let’s say England, London. For now , I would like to create a team with bartenders-friends and to work for what we all love, bartending!


6. Going back to the competition, what do you think the judges will like on your creation?

I believe that the judges will like the story behind my drink, the simplicity and the refreshing character of El Pappy’s.



El Pappy’s

50ml Bacardi 8Anos 

15ml homemade chilly syrup

15ml fresh lime juice

15ml pineapple juice

10ml cinnamon syrup


method: shake

glassware: Collins

ice: crushed ice

garnish: half thin wheel of pineapple



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