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Diplomatico Planas Stories at Rum Tree
17 Dec 2017

Made from molasses and sugarcane “honey”, Diplomático rums are produced in the foot of the Andean Mountains in Venezuela and became favorite rums around the world claiming all sorts of awards relevant to their reputation.



Diplomatico planas, in the range of all the rums produced by the distillery, is aged for “up to 6 years” and charcoal filtered to simply strip the color out. It is white with a note of yellow.

Some maintain that it is targeted to mixologists and sets itself apart with its ABV at 47%, clearly aimed at Tiki drinks. However Hacker finds it as delicate GOURMET and excellent a white rum as you are likely to find. Yes the alcohol is there, coconut, lemony and when tasted notes of pineapple with perhaps licorice or spice at the end are evident to the palate. Yes, Planas to be used in the Daiquiris for perfection, or for medium to sweet cocktails but also sip it down on the rocks in a balloon glass for perfect senses awakening!

We visited RUM TREE in Larnaca/Cyprus, a bar dedicated to the glory of rum with a list of rums to do justice to the Noble spirit. And as Alex Christodoulides, its founder maintains a mission statement to pay a tribute to rum and spread the gospel of rum thus developing the taste of it to multiple guests and people in the industry.

We enjoyed the Diplomatico Planas and praised it’s excellence through sipping but also enjoying Rum tree’s stories, by Alex himself.




“One story tells according to popular legend; El Presidente was created by Eddie Woelke at the Jockey Club in Havana, probably during the mid-1920s. He was said to have named it after then-president of Cuba Gerardo Machado, who served from 1925 to 1933. Others tell otherwise. Don’t believe them all. Just drink :) Cheers!” Alex Christodoulides 



Following an El Presidente formula, this one goes through our basic elements of creativity: Copy, Transform, and Combine, resulting on an El Presidente with a twist, a Rum Tree twist. 


• 45 ml Diplomatico Planas
• 20 ml Dolin Dry Vermouth De Chambery
• 15 ml Grand Marnier 
• 10 ml Homemade Rosehip and Hibiscus Syrup 
• Dash of Aperol  
• Orange Twist


• Add all Ingredients and ice in a mixing glass
• Stir with high quality ice 
• Strain into an Old Fashioned glass 


• Garnish with Orange Peel twist  and Blackberries



Following a Daiquiri formula, it goes into our basic elements of creativity: Copy, Transform, and Combine, resulting on a Daiquiri with a twist, a Rum Tree twist, with an exotic fruity note and Mediterranean. 

“Suggested on warm sunny days of summer, a great drink to have before you hit those Mediterranean entrées” Alex Christodoulides


• 50 ml Diplomatico Planas 
• 10 ml Medium Dry Sherry 
• 30 ml Freshly Squeeze Pineapple Juice 
• 10 ml Demerara Sugar Syrup
• 15 ml of Mix Citrus Juice
• Loose Leaves of Arugula


• Add all the ingredients to a shaker and fill with ice 
• Shake  and double strain into a chilled coupe glass


Arugula Leaves and a sprinkle of white pepper 


Speakeasyhacker PREFERRED 


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