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Aloha!...and what’s new? “Edu-tainer” Ian Burrell
29 Jan 2018

Just Google rum ambassador and the name comes first! No need for introductions to the rum Guru, global ambassador of rum Ian Burrell. And what a story he made!

He started the drama school while a friend encouraged him to try be behind the bar. Being once a basketball player, a hip hop artist, a TV presenter and more...., when placed behind the bar, all these charismas and talents navigated him to elevate himself and to dreams come true!

He spreads the word rum to all corners of the world and shares experiences with everyone as his mission is unique. ' As a rum ambassador I travel the world promoting the category of rum by way of trade & consumer rum tastings ; Cocktail demonstrations for bartenders and the public ; TV presenting ; MCing and hosting rum events ; Judging cocktail competitions; Consulting for rum companies and brands; writing articles and most importantly drinking rums'.

His passion for rum and cocktails is infectious and in 2007 he not only created the world’s first international Rum festival (The UK RumFest), he also inspired the birth of rum festivals around the world including Miami, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Prague, Hong Kong and Cape Town. Described as an  “Edu-tainer”, he is in constant demand by rum companies and organisations to give key note speeches, rum tastings, cocktail presentations and demonstrations to trade & consumers alike.

He is definitely an inspiration to all in the bartender’s world not only for his success story and his sphere of activities but as a knowledgeable rum connoisseur and a persona with a smile to embrace the whole world!



As we understood from Ian Burrell, although rum has still a way to develop its audience and teach them on how to understand what they consume, the producers also use so many different methods of production worldwide. There are so many different rules and regulations, everyone has a different interpretation of rum. There will be developments in this area and countries will introduce ways to classify production methods and correct labeling. Rum will take its proper course like Champagne or Cognac in France, and so will the rum of Barbados, the rum of Jamaica made in a specific way and labeled accordingly so that the rum production worldwide can stand at its right posture.

At the interview with Speakeasyhacker, Ian Burrell announced that he is planning a European Rum tour called Rum DnC. (Rum demonstration & cocktails). This tour is directed to personally educate bartenders about the current trends in rum and cocktails.  During this tour he will be working with some of the top bartenders in Europe as his special guests for over 8 months and they will visit cities such as Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Athens, Nicosia and Warsaw. No doubt Speakeasyhacker will have another article on this.

Another great idea coming soon from Ian is the project for the world launch of his Tiki Mug. This will be created by the famous French ceramist and Tiki designer "Bai”. We quote a message of her philosophy 'What Baï loves in this universe is an absence of elitism… Tiki is a way to create an escape from the monotony of everyday life, everyone can create their own Tiki universe at home’. Bai's design for the global rum ambassador, Ian Burrell is based on the God called "Hattiki" which is the Tiki God of Hip Hop & Rum

And ’I love rum and cheers' from Ian with that big smile on his face!



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