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Rich Woods
17 Feb 2018


I have collected so many cocktail books from around the world dusted on the shelf and I was quite skeptical to yet acquire another one. It is not often that a cocktail book can be interesting anymore, especially nowadays that the internet exposes everything that was previously suspicious if not uncertainly unknown. I have come across the recent cocktailing works of Richard Woods during dinner experiences at the Sushi Samba and The Duck and Waffle Local in England, and bought a copy of his book ‘The cocktail guy”. (Released Nov 2017)


‘The modern drinker is a more experience-led individual, wanting encounters that offer a shift of polarity in tastes and trends. They are interested in drinks that move perception around challenging ingredients in moments that stimulate provocation.’ 
Rich Woods ‘The cocktail guy’



Rich Woods in 2014 claimed first place in the UK and Ireland Bombay Sapphire’s “World’s Most Imaginative Bartender Competition” and his cocktails feature weird and wacky ingredients, combining out of the box ideas with the finished product a spectacle in itself.


Kobe Cocktail Pink Peppercorn Lemonade


Today he is the mixologist and Head of Spirit and Development at the Duck and Waffle Local and the Sushi Samba chain. His creative book is his lab bible, at least an inspiration to the industry of mixologists. The book is fresh and intriguing with statements for thought. Reading through and having previously, consumed quite a few surprising numbers from his cocktail lists, I found his creations quite at the point of taste described, with an element of surprise and of ‘je n'est ce quoi’ that challenges your taste to search further. It was spectacular and exciting! I would say that it is justifiable that The Evening standard voted him into the top 1000 most influential people in London.

Some of the attractive cocktails with infusions, distillations and innovative combinations are ROASTED RED PEPPER & BLOOD ORANGE BELLINI, AVOCADO BATIDA, CLARIFIED BLOODY MARY, TRUFFLED NEGRONI, CARAMELIZED RED ONION MANHATTAN, CHOCOLATE & BLUE CHEESE MARTINI and a lot more.


Roasted Red Pepper Bellini Avocado Batida Ristretto Negroni


He regards as the most important tool of a cocktail connoisseur the taste, the sense of balance and passion.

”Skill can be taught, but without passion the skill is just a tool not a weapon. Without a sense of taste you can’t imagine flavour. Without the concept of balance your ideas may never be understood.”Rich says



Rich Woods oversees more creative works through the development of ever-changing drinks programs across the globe, as well as creating new brands and products. I look forward to his new creations and inspirations.

Paris Christofides


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