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Javier Garcia Vicuna - Brand Ambassador
26 Feb 2018
‘…when you have a connection with that Brand, you are talking, explaining about one love, one passion.’


‘Hola everybody at Speakeasyhacker, keep up the good work! Let me introduce myself, my name is Javier García Vicuña. And I was born in La Rioja, north of Spain. I studied Gastronomy and I´ve been working as a bartender in so many places, hotels, bars, restaurants for a long time.I love to be in touch with people, welcome them, offer nice drinks and be kind to them. The most important thing for me is enjoying looking after people ¡ If you enjoy it they will enjoy too.

Recently I started to work as a Brand Ambassador for Diplomático Rum and the Diplomático Family in Spain.’

Javier Garcia Vicuña

Javier participated in quite a few competitions and received prizes and awards:

Origins by Schweeppes 2013
Pink Pigeon Spain 2014
Merlet Competition Spain 2014
Gin Collection Contest Spain 2014
Diplomático World Tournament Spain 2014
Martini Grand Prix Spain 2016
Stolichnaya Elit Spain 2017


He creates with passion and presents cocktails with an element of surprise.




.What are the trends for 2018 according to you with the drinks?

In my opinión, there a few things are very trendy,at least in Spain.

- Fermented drinks, there are a lot of places using this kind of drinks and working on it.

- Low alcohol drinks, healthy movement has arrived. Less alcohol, more drinks.

- Simple garnish, less is more. Back to classic style. 



.How would you train a person to become service oriented?

Ok, the first and the most important thing: you have to love this job, if not it will be very difficult.  You are working when everyone else is on holidays.

Apart from this point, knoweledge is the foundation. Very important to understand with which products and ingredientes you are working with. So is essential to know your ingredients. 

We live in a very big world, full of interesting and unusual fruits, plants and ingredients all at our disposal. We must be constantly informed about everything. How can we use it all and what these ingredient will do to my cocktail. Techniques are important too.

 Then to become service oriented you have toknow all the above to have a foundation. When you are knowlegable and sure of yourself you may give! You must be give service through being humble, honest, patient and polite to your guests. You have to be there before they need you. They have the key of your bar, you don’t.


.What is it like to  be an Ambassador for Diplomatico?

Yes I was the Head mixologist  for  the Venezuelan Rum DOC for two years. Recently, I am the Brand Ambassador of Diplomatico in Spain & Portugal. To be an Ambassador for Diplomatico is very important and a serious position. Simply you are the image of this Brand. You must know as much as posible about the process, the history, how to serve it…everything about yout Brand which is a great responsibility.

Is very easy when you have a connection with that Brand, you are talking, explaining about one love, one passion. I am also very proud because Diplomatico is a wonderful brand all over the world.

You must also know about the category, competence and become better and better.



“ Every single day ”  one of Javier’s favorite and dedicated to Speakeasyhacker


4cl Diplomático Mantuano

1,5cl Olorosos sherry Lustau

1cl Ysabel Regina

1,5cl boletus syrup


Smoked with black cocoa. Paired with tiramisú foam.



‘Disfruta y disfrutarán . Salud’



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