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Aloha Nui Loa! With Daniele Dalla Pola
10 Mar 2018

Inspired by the Polynesian symbols and mythology, Daniele has pursued his career towards the indigenous and tropical, so-called Tiki cocktails. He says that

‘Tiki culture, tiki pop, was the longest movement because it’s not just cocktails.  It’s music, movies, fashion, art, design.  It was a big thing.  It was a lifestyle. The lifestyle.  It went on from the 1934 till the 70’s.Then thinking about life changed, the disco era, the technology everything was changing. All those that lived that era do not want to go back and revisit it. It is different today after what I call the dark era, with the cocktails coming back after 2000 and the booming of food and drinks culture brought today the bartenders to be tv celebrities. Tiki is revived and more popular now visited by the young spirited enthusiasts and an approach to the whole Tiki culture’

Daniele a sophisticated connoisseur of exotic drinks and one of the world's greatest tropical mixologists, today. Born in Italy he became a masterclass mixologist after spending most of the his early career in "cool" and crowded bars in Miami, where he lived for many years, receiving awards in 1997 for the best cocktail according to the Miami News Time Magazine. In 2011, during the 42nd Edition of the "Below Cocktail World Cup - New Zealand", the Italian Team with Daniele achieved the title of "world champion" performing his masterpiece cocktail called "Elisir D'Amore". 

On May 2015 he received an award as the best bartender for the rum category Madrid International rum fest.

Beyond Daniele's ability to satisfy different palates, he also knows how to sense his clientele's state of mind, matching the cocktails based on the client's moods. Drifting from the rhythms of sensual music in a vibrant atmosphere, breathing ethnic essences and sipping drinks with fragrant aromas of an exotic natural bliss in a relaxing sun-drenched beach of the Pacific is after all, not so far away.

He travels around the world working for most famous brands in the industry, gives seminars and master class judges at competitions and trains bartenders all over the world.



 In his lab, "Nu Lounge Bar"  in Bologna, Daniele has available a refined selection of sugars, spices , and essences, the raw materials used to compound cocktails, to be later served with delicacy and precision. It is absolutely necessary to mix fragrances, tastes, and add a sparkle of good mood, in order to evolve the customers who enter the Nu Lounge Bar, not by chance, but with the expectation of experiencing something priceless!



It is inspiring to experience what Daniele and his Nu Lounge have to offer, and to appreciate the surroundings without waiting for that "first sip" alongside the magnificent tropical floral decorations that gives the place a true authentic look of the cozy corner of paradise in the scholarly, opulent epicurean town.

Nu lounge bar has been added to the top 100 bars in the world by Drinks International Magazine and has received an award for the best Italian rum bar.




Speakeasyhacker met the maestro at a recent Real Bartender’s challenge in Cyprus where he was in the judging panel and most importantly who was to escort the winning bartender to Nu bar for a guest shift alongside the maestro himself! Daniele’s told Speakeasyhacker that he is moving to Miami to open a new tropical bar to conquer the ‘bar habitants’ in that part of the world and we wish him the best!

He spoke passionately about his project, called Alamea a range of infused liqueurs with flavors like Hawaiian coffee, Pimento Rum and Peach Brandy.



The name Alamea on the label is named after a starfish species (crown-of-thorns starfish). An old Samoan saying is that among Samoan traditional fishermen it has been said that if you happen to get stung by the spines of the Alamea, you should turn the starfish over and have its spongy-like feet touch the area where you have been stung and the alamea will heal its own doing.  The logo for the product is a star fish.





“A great cocktail involves mixing fragrances, tastes and a sparkle of good mood to create a drink experience that is truly priceless.”

Daniele Dalla Pola


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