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Tuesday, 18 July 2017 21:16

Hacker Martini

Diamantis Iliadis (see interview on FACES), Bartender at the Holy Garden, Athens Music Hall, has dedicated a Summer Mediterranean cocktail ‘HACKER MARTINI’


15 ml Pernord Ricard

60 ml Tsipouro (plain)

We aromatize the ice with the Pernod with a quick stir and we empty the liquid into another mixer but keeping the ice. We add the plain Tsipouro for another quick stir and we empty the liquid in the mixing glass.

We strain the liquid spirits in a cold coupete rimmed with a dust from black olives.


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A visit at the gardens of Athens Music Hall (Megaron Mousikis), the Holy Garden, a collaboration of the Holy Spirit bar team and Mama fuga restaurant, is a different scenario altogether,… coming from the future! I liked that! 

There we had our appointment with bartender Diamantis Iliadis, creating there in the team of Xavier Michaelides . So, alongside a few Tiki cocktails by Diamantis we managed to jot this down!



. Placed in so indifferent bar concepts, especially in this new innovative era of the Greek bar scene, how do you adopt your personality in order to perform accordingly?

Parting in different concepts in bar industry I have come across many times in conflict with myself about the real reason why I have chosen to be a professional bartender. Finally I think you should always leave your personality free, to express all you believe and represent.


. Do you have a mentor in the profession and why?

I don’t think so, you see I'm a great thief; I get everything I find good from everybody I'm working with. But if I have to choose a mentor I think he’s Brian Flanagan (Tom Cruise) from the ‘cocktail” movie  . He looks like he loves his job and makes everybody happy. I love to see my costumers have fun and leave my bar a little bit happier before they came in.


. What are the Diamantis principles when in comes to food pairing and give us some examples. 

First of all you have to imagine what the chef has in his mind, what feelings he wants to transport to the visitors and help him with your drink. It’s not necessary to use the same ingredients, but for sure your choices have to match nicely. If his plate has ginger you can choose chilly or if he wants to make an oily plate you need cool flavors.



. What is the ideal bar for you?

Flavors, Dance, Smiles, Flirt, Love


. Is the subject of vodka saturated? It was gins? Is it rum now and what is next??

Saturated…maybe… because we talk about industry and trends, The handcraft spirits I think will be the next.


. How would you teach a young bartender under your wings to approach a customer?

First of all with smile and politeness, we want to make our visitors have fun, so let them tell you what they need and be the part of their company, always of course with discretion.


. What is your favorite spirit and why?

Ι like vodka, but I like gin more and rum more than gin and vodka, but finally I like tequila more than everything else, also mescal is so lovely and whiskey a very good friend, I think that the drink I like more it depends on the moment I want to drink it…


. Give us examples of some new ingredient combinations that are not so much seen and make an interesting marriage.

Lychee with Pelargonium and Anise with Black olive


. How do we see Diamantis in the future? What is the bigger idea?

I want to be on an island with my own bar; it’s not very big but is my dream



. You have worked together with such innovative chef’s  pair cocktails and bar food. Which case was the most extreme?

Maybe the Black Angus tailgate with Asians spices and Peruvians roots match up with Mescal, Mango, Tamarind and chipotle at «The Pantera Negra»


. Do you feel that the bar scene is developing in a different way, a new direction or is it going back to classics??

Back to the future my friend! We love Classics, it’s the base.


. Which was the best moment of your career?

Maybe the win at the Greek Finlandia vodka cup and the participation at the World Final at Lapland…




. The whole bartender presentation, contact with customers, body language etc are today very important but often different from bar to bar. Some standards though are always the same. What would you have as a 5 points list of a bartender must always be?

Politeness, Patient, Protective, Affordable, Gentleman


Diamantis Iliadis
Diamantis has done studies in Tourism professions and started as a young waitor prior to becoming a barista. With such experiences he wins the passport to work in the summer seasons in bars on the islands of Andros, Tinos, Syros, Lesvos and Spetses. The adaptability and contribution to such a variety of locations makes Diamantis a very dynamic and diversified modern bartender.
Amongst the most inspiring places he has worked we single out the Pairidaeza bar Athens, Drunk Sinatra Athens, Argonaftis bar Tinos, Baba bar Syros, The palms at Poseidonion Hotel Spetses, La Pantera Negra Athens and now at Holy Spirit Glyfada and at the garden of the Music Hall in Athens.


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