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"Drinking Bourbon knowing the tradition of Elliah Graig , the father of Bourbon, is a good idea"

Dinos Kleovoulou


I wished more ambassadors will knock on the door with new bottles in their hands!

Dinos Kleovoulou from Greece started bartending from a young age and established himself through competitions and long shifts at reputable bars all over Greece, London, Cyprus. He is now acquainted and a collaborator with the industry’s top mixologists and through his travels he has extended his knowledge on spirits and bar techniques. He is sharing his valuable experiences and knowledge by giving seminars, presentations, organized bartender’s competitions and has been a judge too.

Dinos is responsible for many bar lists in the scene and has been training bartenders to reach higher goals.



He has been recruited to represent reputable brands amongst others, Gin Mare, Diplomatico, Real, Finest call, San Miquel, Koval, Bitter Truth and more lately Elliah Graig. 

It was a pleasure to spend time with Dinos where he talked about Bourbon and he has prepared some cocktails for Speakeasyhacker just after breakfast!

The classic Old fashion with a twist where he used Eliah Graig bourbon, orange and chocolate biters, Bitter Truth’s Golden Falernum, and maple syrup, strired and garnished with an orange twist.



The surprise of the morning drinking session was made by Dino’s version of the classic Boulevardier with the twist of the day! Elliah Graig Bourbon, Pambelle, Dolin rouge, stirred and garnished with fresh grapefruit



Light, refreshing, fruity and so pleasantly opening into your mouth while sipping this simple combination of Pampelle with tonic and a generous grapefruit segment ! Perfect drink for any occasion. I have tried the Pampelle as in a spritzer and was delighted but this one won the audience!  Thanks Dinos and come again with more goodies!



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