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Paris Christofides

Paris Christofides

Paris Christofides is a World traveler, a connoisseur of lifestyle and a perceiver of situations. He has the charisma of seeing through things but seeing things coming in the future as trends although often creating trends! He is an extremely creative person capable of putting things together in a unique manner and has a way to present simple things in a stunning way. He is highly communicative and a people’s person thus a good trainer. He is flexible and adaptable coming from being a gypsy and an aristocrat the same time. His trade is being a consultant on food/drink and music, design and atmosphere, organization and management, personality coaching and…concepts, concepts, concepts!

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Birdman Japanese Pub!

on: 26 November 2018

A long bar with two ways in and out brings together all sorts at all times. The place is Japanese contemporary and overcrowded if you don’t get to seat at the bar. Everyone squeezes to pass by and the waiting staff is forever smiling trying to say ‘I’m sorry may I pass?”. Behind the bar there are about 10 people as some 4 chefs are working on top of each other, a bartender, a cashier, some waitresses and a responsible person all interchanging  in an effort to provide an efficient service.



Birdman is a new pub with Japanese small bites in Athens like any other modern Yakitori restaurant in hip cities of the world but much more, it refers to places in New York to me. The buzz is superb, the music is jazzy, funky, rock eclectic perhaps, but what amused me was the placement of two vinyl players and a mixer with loads of vinyls to be played but only 60 cm space was available for a supposed dj to stand on top of the cashier to spin vinyl records. I wish I had experience that. I noticed a compilation of Miles Davies on top of the record player, it would have been nice! Oh and a contrast as there was a little robot on top of the vinyl players! So cool!

Do not take me wrong, Birdman is an innovation for Athens and an alternative bar or pub as they call themselves. It opened in July/August 2018. There is quality in the glasses and the ice, an extensive collection of whiskies from Japan, America, Scotland and more, Gin and tonics to be included in the trend, some classic cocktails, sake and less beers. The list is well thought.

The food items were in groups of bites, greens, yakitory, some signature bites and a couple of sweets all beautiful and so, so tasty! Birdman says "our yakitori skewers are caramelized at 500 degrees Celsius over a cast iron grill under a bed of natural lava rocks!". Mushidori, Tsukume and Kaburi compiled the bites of the night alongside draught Asahi beer and Nikka Coffey Gin and tonics.



Why go there –It’s a bar, a nice bar, with some bites, very good bites, light and it’s good eating. You are looked after by so many skilled people right in front of you. It is an experience and a change from a typical night out at a seat down meal. Keep it simple!

Hint – Pair the Hibiki whisky with the meaty bites of the menu.



Skoufou 2/Voulis 35

Not very new but probably Athens most preferred bar with food for all the times. A spectacular bar with people from the morning till late at night. The place features perhaps 3 bars well stocked for innovative cocktails the Athenian way! Athens is probably a cocktail town featuring many celebrated specializing bars and people are supporting this scene by always going out thus making their town constantly busy all days of the week. 

Feeling this buzz we entered the world of Noel as if it’s always Xmas! Heavy curtains and ornated ceilings with lush chandeliers and old paintings on the walls all add to a spectacle everywhere you look. Don’t try to analyze the exact era or location or the authenticity of the interiors portrait, as you will be confused. Simply take Noel as it is, a creation of a busy atmosphere transitions with impressions of a classic 18th century perhaps tea room or else! Alternatively be in Havana or Rio, Paris or Venice all in one place called NOEL in Athens!

We went there for brunch with no booking and as there were no available tables we sat at the bar which we love. We had the ‘Eggs Noel’ with sautéed spinach, baby asparagus, prosciutto, parmesan, poached eggs and truffle oil and ‘Eggs Benedict’ with green salad. Accompanied by 3 types of bread and country styled fries we enjoyed every bit of it. The brunch was followed by coffee and more drinks later…and more good cocktails by the early evening!



Highness (Masticha, lemon, cardamom, mango and thyme)


The music was eclectic as in most bars in Athens probably most trying to please the same audience and portrait vintage jazzy or remixed lifestyle tunes from Italy, France and South America although Noel added references to Greek music too.

Although the service was confusing as the scene was one of so many people looking after so many people…, we were lifted by the buzz of the place and the fact that we stepped in a whole new world in the heart of Athens.

Why go there- It’s highly recommended!



Kolokotroni 59

We were well received at this reputable classic restaurant, so perfectly located by the sea in Glyfada, Vouliagmeni, Athens, with trained personnel and always supporting your choice of dishes as they are obviously so reassured of the end result coming out of the kitchen!

Quoting their website  ‘It offers an authentic gastronomic experience with an impressive guest list including famous jet setters among others – Athina Onasis, Bill Clinton, Sean Connery, Julio Iglesias and Leonardo Di Caprio – at Ithaki your invitees will enjoy a ritual of excellence in taste, service and high quality.’



There are two concept menus offered. One is the modern Mediterranean but we went for the second option, the Asian fusion menu prepared by Chef Antonis Kourkoutas, a ‘self-developed’ in the Asian specialized menu (see also dedicated article in FACES

The Sardines in white soya, fig leaf oil, cold citrus and seafood juice and prosciutto, being the lightest of the dishes ordered, was fresh to the mouth and refreshing to the palate with enough juice to soak the bread and wipe clean the dish!  The deep fried octopus with white ponzu glaze, potato yoghurt puree and furikake crumble was a combination that had contradiction of textures from the light yoghurt potato to the furikake crumble, surrounding the soft octopus with hints of the acidity coming from the ponzu glaze. Finally the Sea bream carpaccio with jalapeno dressing, smoked eel ice cream and puffed grains was as delicate as it sounds with refine references to the palate, and with a combination of gentle aftertaste.



Deep fried octopus with white ponzu glaze, potato yoghurt puree and furikake crumble


Sea bream carpaccio with jalapeno dressing, smoked eel ice cream and puffed grains


Against the old fashion rules we had a light red with Agiorgitiko and Xinomavro varieties which was served in a beautiful decanter. Dessert was like a modern version of Kateif with masticha cream and caramelized pastry leaves which completed the experience to a meal satisfaction.

It was a pleasure and an honor to meet Antonis Kourkoutas, a chef with many prospects and capabilities and a good calm character as well, a rather rare combination in people working with fire!

Ithaki is a restaurant with a proper approach to classic respectable dinning, straight to the point of quality of modern food and with the ambiance of a seaside view.

Why go there -  It probably deserves a high rank classification in whatever award system exists in Greece and definitely Michelin would include it in the listing with whatever distinction. It is not necessary for a place to be in the books of any known body going around marking places to eat and drink. Dinners do that by frequenting these places for years and that is the best form of recognition!

Tip - If you visit Ithaki, ask for a new dish, shown below, fried cauliflower with homemade favabean/honey/garlic/truffle miso, steamed leeks raw chestnut and black truffle.


Other creations at Ithaki 

ʜᴀᴍᴀᴄʜɪ ᴄᴜʀᴇᴅ ɪɴ sʜɪʀᴏ sᴏʏᴜ ᴡɪᴛʜ ғᴇʀᴍᴇɴᴛᴇᴅ ᴄᴀsʜᴇᴡ ᴘᴜʀᴇᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ʜɪʙɪsᴄᴜs



Apollonos 28, Vouliagmeni

Isola Beach Bar

on: 21 October 2018

“…a platform for all to make a lifetime story”



Best described by myself as I have provided the concept for it, ISOLA BEACH BAR

Located in Cyprus most visited Nissi  beach with the vibe coming naturally from the blue sea, white sand, summer breeze and all these people from all over the world seeking to worship the sun and take all that beach culture!




Isola is a platform for all to make a lifetime story while tasting Mediterranean cocktails of premium labels , coffees or splendid food. Starting from the bar list where it features unavoidably beach time favorites but the emphasis is given on the Med section where Zivania, Masticha, Ouzo, fresh greens and herbs from the gardens are used to create new refreshing ideas in cocktailing. Another section features some classic cocktails with a Mediterranean twist but the list also features researched whiskies and rums while there is a great selection of Gins from around the world. But enough about alcohol, as there are options for ‘’non alcoholics” and vegans too!



The food is based on the idea that everyone orders a couple of small dishes so that they all share, like we eat in this part of the world. The most celebrated salad is the Wellness salad, featuring greens pomegranate, quinoa, cherry tomatoes, avocado, poppy seeds and lavender dressed beautifully and deliciously, while I would pick the orzotto with seafood flavored with ouzo and the marinated beef in Med herbs, so succulent on top of a smoked aubergine salad, pitta bread and accompanied by a béarnaise sauce evidently flavored with Kalamata olives! Fantastic combination of tastes!

WHY GO THERE – For one million reasons like to see so much blue, meet so many people, listen to good vibes, taste the food and sip down various drinks…. Hold hands, exchange feelings with your partner or simply smile and look around making stories, which is the slogan of the bar! Not a lot of people know this bar or what they can do at this bar day or night…..!

Speakeasyhacker tip- Lifetime experience  the DINNER FOR 2.



Isola Beach Bar
Nissi Beach
Ayia Napa/Cyprus



If there is a smell in the clear air of Cyprus to be remembered, is the ‘ almyra’, the saltiness of the sea or the smell of the wild flowers in spring or the pine trees up the mountains. Pure, simple and raw Cyprus!

Reach that far and make the effort to spoil yourselves to a trip to the beautiful mountains to discover so much and be reminded that life is simpler than what you think it is.

‘My dreams are made here. I wanted a place that represents me, my culture and a place that I can have a good time with my friends but also to look after people and give them what we offer’



Loukas Ioannou, a young man serves coffees and homemade lemonades with rose petals or lavender, local wines accompanied by a platter only with local cheeses and meats .



WHY GO THERE - It is so simple, don’t look further but just enjoy, as Loukas says, ‘good vibes from the friendly staff, the very old structure of the building and a warm hug from the antique stone wall’.




Kalopanayiotis village/Cyprus
Main road



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