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Paris Christofides

Paris Christofides

Paris Christofides is a World traveler, a connoisseur of lifestyle and a perceiver of situations. He has the charisma of seeing through things but seeing things coming in the future as trends although often creating trends! He is an extremely creative person capable of putting things together in a unique manner and has a way to present simple things in a stunning way. He is highly communicative and a people’s person thus a good trainer. He is flexible and adaptable coming from being a gypsy and an aristocrat the same time. His trade is being a consultant on food/drink and music, design and atmosphere, organization and management, personality coaching and…concepts, concepts, concepts!

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We are living in an era where young Sommeliers are increasing in numbers and slowly rising. 

The Last 5 Years the Cyprus Sommeliers Association has been increasing in younger enthusiast that have been observing the older sommeliers over the years and are now eager to learn All there is to learn about wine, spirits, tea and even coffee and follow the footsteps of some of the world’s greatest Sommeliers. The level of knowledge of the sommeliers that are representing Cyprus at European and world competitions is improving drastically and I am sure that the help and guidance from some of the older Sommeliers has contributed to this in many ways. 


How did you get into wines?

The Wine bug had been planted into my mind many years ago when a few professionals from the hospitality industry had been selected then, to observe a masterclass by the President of the International Sommelier Association

Mr. Giuseppe Vaccarini. It was then that I was enchanted by the world of Food and Wine and wanted to learn more and more. But my crazy Wine Friends inspire and contribute to my daily passion of wine.


Your Inspiration?

Every day someone might inspire me without knowing. But one of my inspirations in this industry was always the one and only Mr. Gerard Basset that is probably the only person in the world that holds the titles of Master of Wine, Master Sommelier, Best Sommelier of Europe and after a few attempts dedication and hard work Best Sommelier of the world. If his Passion and persistence for striving and being the best professional is not an example of never giving up to us, then I really can’t think of anybody else that sets that example. 


What was your experience from the Best Sommelier of Cyprus competition this year?

This Year the Cyprus Sommelier Association organized the 8th National Competition for the Best Sommelier of Cyprus 2018 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Limassol were 12 candidates participated and only 3 made it to the grand finale. The Passion, Teamwork and Ethos from all the candidates that participated was Really Amazing, to see how much they helped and supported each other prior to the competition was something that really impressed me. A true example that shared knowledge can only build strong bonds and experiences and set a new meaning to our profession that can surely make us all feel proud.

Like a very good friend of mine said, that in any competition you participate in “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn” but you must never give up!


What does it take to be a Sommelier? 

In my opinion, first you must be a humble person that shows Love and Respect for Wine and those that make it. You must have a passion for learning. You must be ready to dedicate your personal time to study hard and travel and invest in your knowledge, be upset when you think you have failed but get back up and try again. Times are moving fast and you must try to always be informed about the old and new trends. A Sommelier should not intimidate the guests he serves but make them feel comfortable and build their trust.


Cyprus has a history in wine production but the last years we have seen an increase in the quality of wine produced and certainly a greater variety of labels. What are your views on this?  

Yes indeed! I believe the terroir has played a major role in the quality of our wines, we have for example The Same Grape Variety planted in different areas, giving us more diverse wines, Local Grape Varieties that have been observed over the years by the winemakers and the quality improved. The correct way of storing and Serving a wine and the temperature it should be served to the guest. Here I believe the Sommeliers played a very important part in this.


What was your best experience in the wine field so far?

Every moment has been special and an experience for me.

But the best has to be the moments and wine trips I have shared with friends in

France, China and Austria at various competitions. But the best has to be the trip to Argentina Mendoza with the Cyprus Sommelier Association to watch the Grand Final for the Best Sommelier of the world 2016. Magical Moments with a Glass of Malbec and good friends.


With Josep Roca at the Michelin awarded CELLAR DE CAN ROCA in Spain.


What do you see yourself doing in the future?

Travel more that’s my investment. But one of my Dreams and Visions for the Future is for our Association. My Vision is to have our Own Sommelier Academy/school in Cyprus. I believe one day this will happen once all that should be involved wake up and understand how important this is for the Wine and Tourism Industry of Cyprus and support us more.



Stalo Arambantzi is the Vice President of the Cyprus Sommeliers Association and an active member. She is working at the Four Seasons Hotel for the last 20 years and is the Supervisor of the Chinese Restaurant there. She likes to travel the world and observe various Cocktail and Sommelier Competitions, attend Bar shows and wine exhibitions and mostly join various volunteer Associations in need. She is perhaps the only passionate female wine connoisseur we came across on the island and we are sure she will never stop reaching her never ending goals in life! Good luck Stalo!


Who is Argyris Asleep

in Faces
on: 25 March 2018

. What is hospitality for Argyris?

Being able to serve you without you knowing that I have to! 


. When you are behind the bar and the first customer approaches you….what is the feeling you have and how do you offer your service?

Usually the first customer is also the trickiest. Mainly due to the fact that their approach probably takes the form of a more personal experience rather than strict professionalism. I’m saying this because when in an empty bar, the customer sees you as an acquaintance that happens to work behind the bar. It’s my job to make them feel that they will be served in a quality that matches the establishment even if they just literally walked behind me while I unlocked the door. (True story)  


. How do you build the idea for creating a perfect cocktail?

Well, firstly I don’t believe that there is such a thing as THE perfect cocktail. We live in an era where we are all receivers of such a vast amount of tastes that makes it practically impossible to create a cocktail that will be embraced by everyone. Having said that though, what I always say is that I may not like something but I can tell if it’s good or bad regardless. But to answer the question, I do not really build the idea for creating a cocktail. It’s usually the other way around. The cocktail has to come to me. Does that even makes sense? I mean I don’t really push it. It just comes. Like glimpses. And then you take that glimpse and through hard work –and a bit of luck -, you end up with a final result.  It’s a healthy combo of spontaneous inspiration, hard work and countless trials. Partial serendipity.


. Has your upbringing culture inspired you?

Is there anyone that would answer no to this question? If so, I feel sorry for them, for this could only mean that their upbringing culture was dull and discouraging (although I don’t think there is such a culture). As humans, we are the sum of all the things that we have experienced so far. This is what defines us. Hence our upbringing is of upmost importance to everything we do in our lives. So how could it possibly not inspire me?  But since there was a question asked, I was born in a village on the suburbs of Nicosia. I was a happy kid. Confused (as to my purpose in this life), but happy. As a child I realized quite early that I couldn’t hang out with all the kids of my age and I was always looking for friends that were much older than me. It was simply because I wanted to be surrounded by people that knew more than me. I still do. I grew up to like food more than anyone else I knew at the time, and I started making experiments in my mother’s kitchen. (unfortunately for me she didn’t own a bar. That would have saved me a lot of time!). I also had a weird relationship with the flora of Cyprus. Although -to date- my academic knowledge of our flora is far from where I would like it to be, I vividly remember me as a child to spend countless hours wondering around my area watching the fields, trees and flowers. When I was first introduced into cocktail making, all these instantly came again back to life. This is the main reason that majority of my cocktails use local and well known ingredients in the recipes.  



. Would you say you are thinking ahead, are you a planner or are you living the moment?

I would say that I am thinking ahead of how I can live the moment .I don’t know if that answers your question but it sure as hell describes me.


. What is a bar for you?

Simple. Alcoholic beverages and good vibes. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. Everything else surrounding a bar is just add-ons for achieving higher level of quality on either one of these two factors. But in the bottom line those two factors are the only ones that actually define it for me. I hate labeling bars into (cocktail bars, bistro bars etc etc). They’re just bars. Each with its own soul and character.


. We have seen you here and there, from towns to countries behind the bars. How did it all start? 

I began my bartending career back in 2007 in the legendary bar of Ermou 361. It happened overnight and I stayed there for 4 years. From that point on, things were clear in my head. This is what I wanted to do with my life. Ever since, I’ve worked in numerous places in almost all cities of Cyprus and have been in various bar shows/seminars all around the globe. It’s a fast evolving trade and we need to keep up with the times. I’ve also consult for the opening of new places and have been active on the bar consulting business for the past 3 years. Additionally I won the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail competition 2016 in Cyprus which was the first competition I ever applied to.


. How far do you go in research to make a new cocktail?

As I said before, not that much. I don’t really like the idea of digging into things just to create a cocktail. I prefer to generally educate myself on the subject – as much as possible- and when the right time comes I will use that knowledge to develop my glimpse of an idea.


CHAI EXPRESS a sweet, botanical and fizzy drink to share. Made by Argyris for Speakeasyhacker and within the atmosphere of the place of the photo shooting  at HAMAM OMERYE in old town Nicosia. The drinks was made with masticha vodka infused with chamomile, chamomile syrup, fresh lemon juice, sage leaves, club soda.


. What qualities are needed for the perfect bartender?

That’s a tough one. Well she/he really needs to have extreme work ethics. This is not an easy job to do in terms of actual labor. Long hours, strange sleeping patterns, and lots of hard work are needed in order to actually succeed in this field. Other than that, you have to be caring as a person. Also being a pleasant character always helps and in order to be a great bartender, you definitely need to know how to handle a conversation. I mean you need to have basic general knowledge, have opinions over things, and have an interest in the arts, or generally aesthetics. You more or less have to be an interesting person. No one wants to pay good money (for drinks) just to sit in front of a boring individual.


. What makes Argyris angry?

Oh. In my personal life? I can’t even begin to imagine how long would that list be. So I won’t go there. Although I can calm down as fast as I get angry. In my professional life there have been various things that make up the list of things that irritate me the most, but only two of those have been a constant pain in the ass throughout all these years. 

1. People that think they own the place because it’s their birthday and

2. People that overuse camera flash. 

(And usually these two come in a bundle)


P.S:   NO, I will not tell the DJ to play your stupid Happy Bday song and NO I will not light the candles of your cake in secret just because you want to flash the hell out of JIM’s face when he sees his surprise party cake.

P.P.S: Ok, I’m calm now. See? I told you it only lasts for a few moments. 


. If a woman is delicate and feminine what drink would you suggest and why?

I always like to offer women bitter and elegant drinks. I personally think that women in general have a better sense of taste and smell than men. They are also more likely to accept a drink just by its looks and are usually more open to new things. Therefore you have an opportunity to convince them to try something that they wouldn’t normally drink. Having said that though you always have to keep in mind that the weight of an individual plays a significant role on how fast and how violently alcohol penetrates their organism. So be careful with throwing Sazeracs and Vesper’s towards a 55kg person. 


. Are you sensitive as to the preservation of the environment?

Both personally and professionally. This is serious shit right know. We need more people actually realizing the harm we already caused to this planet and actively try to at least minimize any future damage while we try to fix everything we destroyed so far. I beg you people! Before it’s too late.


ANEMONA, another drink we tasted at the HAMAM OMERYE  while interviewing Argyris . Aged rum, Commandaria wine, apple geranium, lavender and black pepper syrup, fresh lemon juice, creole bitters. A little red flower for garnish added to the refinement of the whole afternoon.


. What is your favorite drink?

Mathias, Moe I’m still thinking of that Scotch and Salt


. What is your best story that marked your career so far?

Probably the 10 days 9 countries tour trip that I did a few years back guest bartending in various bars throughout Europe.  I still can’t believe that I actually convinced some friends to join me. Met some beautiful people along the way who I now love dearly.


. If you have the chance to do everything you want in life what would you want to do?

Easy. Being paid to travel around the world on a motorcycle.


. Who is your idol and who is your mentor?

My idol is Mickey Knox. My mentor? I don’t know if I ever had a mentor as such but I do owe many thanks to the guy that introduced me to this industry. Mr. Giorgos Christodoulou, my cousin. Never really had the chance to thank him properly. So in case you are actually reading this, THANK YOU! Really. For everything, but mainly for trusting me during a time where I could not even trust myself. Also Constantinos Philippides may be my professional partner now, but he was there during my first steps, helping me find my way.


.If you are advising a newcomer to the bar industry, what would you guide him to do?

Forget what you know. Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.  Don’t take shit from anyone. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do including -and especially- me.


. What is your opinion on what the bars have become? Sous vide, ferment, marinate, wash, infuse and all that?

All that’s great. Truly great. Just don’t let them mislead you people. These things are just here for us to enhance our hospitality and quality of service. If you think that this sort of methods will help your establishment then go ahead and do it but by no means would I say that these things are necessary for a bar. On the contrary, methods are here for us to make our life easier and more functional. Not to impress our customers who –between you and me- don’t really give a shit. Showmanship for the sake of showmanship is something that I utterly despise. This and the carnival. Irrelevant I know, yet true.   


. Do you cook and what is your favorite dish?  And what would you drink with it.

Everyday. Favorite dish of this month is definitely Beef Wellington. Still trying to perfect it though. Those damn mushrooms refuse to get dry enough.


. Marry a cocktail to the following

1. Smoked haddock with citrus   Fuck Cocktails. That calls for a Chablis

2. Pepper steak  Boulevardier with Islay whiskey (you can thank me later) 

3. Asparagus with Hollandaise type sauce Dirty Martini (sounds weird but trust me) 

4. Salmon tartare  Daiquiris love raw fish

5. Vanilla and caramel sauce Make yourself a favor and order a Brandy Alexander


. Which is your favorite bar?

That is definitely a tough one! But if I had to pick JUST one I would have to go with Bardot Miami. Mega love!


. What makes Argyris laugh?

Harry Potter’s futile attempts to defeat the Dark Lord. Go home boy.



. If there was one think you would change in your life so far?

I would probably go back in time and give my younger self some advice but I know that I wouldn’t listen to me so why bother? The point is what I can change from this point on.


. Why Argyris ASLEEP?

I seriously have NO idea. My Facebook name before Argyris Asleep was the title of a song (hi5 & MSN messed with my brain). So at some point I thought that I should change it to a more suitable name. Back then I didn’t want to use my real surname and then Asleep was apparently the choice I made that day (even though I have no recollections of that decision). And it stuck. Don’t know why but it did. So here we are.  



Asleep or not Asleep, Argyris is one of Cyprus most striking characters in the bar scene, one that owns his character and certainly creative in the field! He positions himself based on his beliefs respectfully and regardless of where he is. Except his career moves in the bars and being responsible  for the barlists in places, he travels and reconnects with friends in the industry to further his bonds alongside his spectrum of creativity. We at Speakeasyhacker found him gifted by his personality and inspiring to all around him….definitely Asleep is an awakening!
Paris Christofides


(Thanks to the management of the unique HAMAM OMERYE in old town Nicosia for giving us the time to mess around while talking to Argyris and creating cocktails) 


Inspired by the Polynesian symbols and mythology, Daniele has pursued his career towards the indigenous and tropical, so-called Tiki cocktails. He says that

‘Tiki culture, tiki pop, was the longest movement because it’s not just cocktails.  It’s music, movies, fashion, art, design.  It was a big thing.  It was a lifestyle. The lifestyle.  It went on from the 1934 till the 70’s.Then thinking about life changed, the disco era, the technology everything was changing. All those that lived that era do not want to go back and revisit it. It is different today after what I call the dark era, with the cocktails coming back after 2000 and the booming of food and drinks culture brought today the bartenders to be tv celebrities. Tiki is revived and more popular now visited by the young spirited enthusiasts and an approach to the whole Tiki culture’

Daniele a sophisticated connoisseur of exotic drinks and one of the world's greatest tropical mixologists, today. Born in Italy he became a masterclass mixologist after spending most of the his early career in "cool" and crowded bars in Miami, where he lived for many years, receiving awards in 1997 for the best cocktail according to the Miami News Time Magazine. In 2011, during the 42nd Edition of the "Below Cocktail World Cup - New Zealand", the Italian Team with Daniele achieved the title of "world champion" performing his masterpiece cocktail called "Elisir D'Amore". 

On May 2015 he received an award as the best bartender for the rum category Madrid International rum fest.

Beyond Daniele's ability to satisfy different palates, he also knows how to sense his clientele's state of mind, matching the cocktails based on the client's moods. Drifting from the rhythms of sensual music in a vibrant atmosphere, breathing ethnic essences and sipping drinks with fragrant aromas of an exotic natural bliss in a relaxing sun-drenched beach of the Pacific is after all, not so far away.

He travels around the world working for most famous brands in the industry, gives seminars and master class judges at competitions and trains bartenders all over the world.



 In his lab, "Nu Lounge Bar"  in Bologna, Daniele has available a refined selection of sugars, spices , and essences, the raw materials used to compound cocktails, to be later served with delicacy and precision. It is absolutely necessary to mix fragrances, tastes, and add a sparkle of good mood, in order to evolve the customers who enter the Nu Lounge Bar, not by chance, but with the expectation of experiencing something priceless!



It is inspiring to experience what Daniele and his Nu Lounge have to offer, and to appreciate the surroundings without waiting for that "first sip" alongside the magnificent tropical floral decorations that gives the place a true authentic look of the cozy corner of paradise in the scholarly, opulent epicurean town.

Nu lounge bar has been added to the top 100 bars in the world by Drinks International Magazine and has received an award for the best Italian rum bar.




Speakeasyhacker met the maestro at a recent Real Bartender’s challenge in Cyprus where he was in the judging panel and most importantly who was to escort the winning bartender to Nu bar for a guest shift alongside the maestro himself! Daniele’s told Speakeasyhacker that he is moving to Miami to open a new tropical bar to conquer the ‘bar habitants’ in that part of the world and we wish him the best!

He spoke passionately about his project, called Alamea a range of infused liqueurs with flavors like Hawaiian coffee, Pimento Rum and Peach Brandy.



The name Alamea on the label is named after a starfish species (crown-of-thorns starfish). An old Samoan saying is that among Samoan traditional fishermen it has been said that if you happen to get stung by the spines of the Alamea, you should turn the starfish over and have its spongy-like feet touch the area where you have been stung and the alamea will heal its own doing.  The logo for the product is a star fish.





“A great cocktail involves mixing fragrances, tastes and a sparkle of good mood to create a drink experience that is truly priceless.”

Daniele Dalla Pola



The new ‘La carte de cocktails ‘ of the favorable  Holy Garden in Athens  at the Athens Concert Hall according to the creating team of Xavier Misailidis, Ilias Marinakis, Diamantis Iliadis, and Stelios Rapos, embraces the smells and aromas experienced the whole summer. It is an ode to the summer capturing sun kissed memories, it is a taste interpretation to honor the country (Χώρα) of eternal sunshine. There is not a lot of waiting for, summer is close, and till then they have tried to place it in our glass.

Summery indeed and why not to enjoy the tastes of exotic fruit with rums and mescals, gins, herbs, peppers, chocolate, bitters and flowers throughout the year. Any excuse to travel to the whole world! There is quite an elegant approach of menu card design featuring exotic birds and colorful flowers. Right at the top, the Holy Tiki cocktails like the JACK SPAROW, a blend of Caribbean & Cuban rum, married with chamomile and spices, pear liqueur, ginger root, fresh pineapple, citrus mix and plum bitters.



We liked the title and we went for the cocktail ‘ 6 MILLION WAYS TO LIVE’ with Armagnac Darroge 8 Ans D’age, Bulleit Bourbon, D.O.M Benedictine, Green Chartreuse, banana liqueur and Cynar. COACHELLA cocktail with yuzu, tequila, chili liqueur,black mustard seeds, strawberry puree, homemade ginger and vanilla syrups. ‘ Coachella is a reminder of the continuous summer(in our hearts)where the ginger works as the wake up call to the present’    Ilias Marinakis.



The SUNSCREEN intended for those reminiscing the sunshine. It features Vodka, banana liqueur, coconut, vanilla and ginger syrups and pineapple puree.’ Sunscreen is acting as a notification to all of us not using sunscreen under the  sun. A tiny taste of where we’ll be all in a few months. It took it’s name from a song of Baz Lurthmann , Everybody’s free (to wear a sunscreen)’    Ilias Marinakis



Under the section Heads up, the RED DEVIL BEET, uses the qualities of two different gins, one infused by Indian pepper, homemade strawberry and beetroot shrub, prosecco and apple geranium. ‘Red devil beet, took its name from Tom Robbin’s novel ‘ Jitterbug Perfume’, but in our case, beetroot is the missing key ingredient to connect the dots used here in our version of attempt to seek morality’ Diamantis Iliadis



Under the section Blessed by the Gods we chose the PINEAPPLE SKULL with Mescal, green chartreuse, pineapple puree, organic basil, raspberry pure and sea salt for contrast. ‘ Pineapple Skull is our way to approach this adorable and heavenly fruit within its dark side, or create it. Like the one we all have somewhere hidden inside us, the one that we prefer to show only under specific circumstances.’ Diamantis Iliadis



If you are ever in Athens visit the HOLY GARDEN under the same roof with Mama Fuga at the Athens Concert Hall and lookout for the crowd . Feel the endless sunshine in your glass and travel the world through taste. After all, summer is only around the corner! 

The team will be the perfect hosts, as the team of Speakeasyhacker have experienced!



Kokkali 1


‘…when you have a connection with that Brand, you are talking, explaining about one love, one passion.’


‘Hola everybody at Speakeasyhacker, keep up the good work! Let me introduce myself, my name is Javier García Vicuña. And I was born in La Rioja, north of Spain. I studied Gastronomy and I´ve been working as a bartender in so many places, hotels, bars, restaurants for a long time.I love to be in touch with people, welcome them, offer nice drinks and be kind to them. The most important thing for me is enjoying looking after people ¡ If you enjoy it they will enjoy too.

Recently I started to work as a Brand Ambassador for Diplomático Rum and the Diplomático Family in Spain.’

Javier Garcia Vicuña

Javier participated in quite a few competitions and received prizes and awards:

Origins by Schweeppes 2013
Pink Pigeon Spain 2014
Merlet Competition Spain 2014
Gin Collection Contest Spain 2014
Diplomático World Tournament Spain 2014
Martini Grand Prix Spain 2016
Stolichnaya Elit Spain 2017


He creates with passion and presents cocktails with an element of surprise.




.What are the trends for 2018 according to you with the drinks?

In my opinión, there a few things are very trendy,at least in Spain.

- Fermented drinks, there are a lot of places using this kind of drinks and working on it.

- Low alcohol drinks, healthy movement has arrived. Less alcohol, more drinks.

- Simple garnish, less is more. Back to classic style. 



.How would you train a person to become service oriented?

Ok, the first and the most important thing: you have to love this job, if not it will be very difficult.  You are working when everyone else is on holidays.

Apart from this point, knoweledge is the foundation. Very important to understand with which products and ingredientes you are working with. So is essential to know your ingredients. 

We live in a very big world, full of interesting and unusual fruits, plants and ingredients all at our disposal. We must be constantly informed about everything. How can we use it all and what these ingredient will do to my cocktail. Techniques are important too.

 Then to become service oriented you have toknow all the above to have a foundation. When you are knowlegable and sure of yourself you may give! You must be give service through being humble, honest, patient and polite to your guests. You have to be there before they need you. They have the key of your bar, you don’t.


.What is it like to  be an Ambassador for Diplomatico?

Yes I was the Head mixologist  for  the Venezuelan Rum DOC for two years. Recently, I am the Brand Ambassador of Diplomatico in Spain & Portugal. To be an Ambassador for Diplomatico is very important and a serious position. Simply you are the image of this Brand. You must know as much as posible about the process, the history, how to serve it…everything about yout Brand which is a great responsibility.

Is very easy when you have a connection with that Brand, you are talking, explaining about one love, one passion. I am also very proud because Diplomatico is a wonderful brand all over the world.

You must also know about the category, competence and become better and better.



“ Every single day ”  one of Javier’s favorite and dedicated to Speakeasyhacker


4cl Diplomático Mantuano

1,5cl Olorosos sherry Lustau

1cl Ysabel Regina

1,5cl boletus syrup


Smoked with black cocoa. Paired with tiramisú foam.



‘Disfruta y disfrutarán . Salud’



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