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Paris Christofides

Paris Christofides

Paris Christofides is a World traveler, a connoisseur of lifestyle and a perceiver of situations. He has the charisma of seeing through things but seeing things coming in the future as trends although often creating trends! He is an extremely creative person capable of putting things together in a unique manner and has a way to present simple things in a stunning way. He is highly communicative and a people’s person thus a good trainer. He is flexible and adaptable coming from being a gypsy and an aristocrat the same time. His trade is being a consultant on food/drink and music, design and atmosphere, organization and management, personality coaching and…concepts, concepts, concepts!

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We buy with the eyes

in Booze
on: 05 August 2017

Simone Caporale (interviewed on faces) at a recent REAL fruit purees presentation , has shown various alternative uses of the purees to enhance the flavors of various cocktails. He has based his suggestions on classic combinations but changed ingredients and flavors to come to similar results but with new taste. Some of the suggested combinations were (a)Tequila, watermelon juice, fresh coriander leaves, dry sherry, agave syrup (b) Bourbon, sauvignon blanc, lime juice,  Pineapple puree, bitters. 

Simone maintain that a puree can sometimes bridge certain ingredients and not necessarily win the taste of the cocktail but just add some refreshing almost unidentified notes to the palate.

Here is a cocktail in a tulip glass dipped in icing sugar for effect using brandy with triple sec, maraschino liqueur, fresh lemon juice and blueberry puree as a bridge!



Simone’s  presence and experience  were definitely inspiring and educating to all the participants in the presentation as he passed on various aspects of bartending based on his beliefs . He spoke of bartenders to  respect classic recipies and rules but encouraged attempts  to experiment and break the rules even with the possibility of failure as there would be no development and progress in the field.


Simone Caporale

in Faces
on: 03 August 2017
"…………… get inspired of what others do and adapt it to something newer."
Simone Caporale


. You are one of the most charismatic new generation bartenders that have walked many red carpets of success since you left young from hometown Como. As you said to an interview, people on a night out need an experience otherwise they can drink at home. How do you stage yourself as a bartender in front of a customer without being repetitive in creating this experience?

I generally start from zero, any time… those first 30 seconds of talking with a new guest are the most important in order to “read” his/her personality and get the best option of drink….


. Fresh fruit vs. Fruit puree?

If you have seasonal fruit at the maximum of its characteristic you should use it fresh, otherwise a fruit puree can be the best option that guarantee consistency through a longer period of the year…


. How flexible do you find yourself from when you started to today in using ingredients, and techniques to arrive to the same result?

Flexibility is what assures you stability. Saying this, to make a good ingredient you must adopt good starting produce… you can get to a closer result to what you have planned originally if you know how to handle certain basic elements… I said closer, because also some ingredients are never the same during the whole year and this means that your drink constantly have a small variations, sometime unnoticeable.



. Lately you have been inspired by a line of perfumes or fragrances to mix with Tanqueray No. Ten for the Sartoria in London’s Mayfair. Give us some examples of what ingredients have you used to arrive to similar cocktail ambiance as a fragrance.

I did some cocktails using the same aromatic absolutes which form part of the aromatic structure of a perfume or an aromatic cosmetic… absolutes are very strong and powerful, basically undrinkable, so I had to dilute them up to 1 or 3 % and that’s what was the cocktail…. People were actually drinking what makes a real perfume. Simply diluted.


. London loves charismatic Chefs and Bartender professionals and treats them like Rock stars. Going back to the Roux Brothers, Nico Ladenis, Marco Pierre White, Brian Silva, Giuliano Morandin, Salvatore Calabrese, and more…At what stage of your career did you feel that the London system is loving you too and has opened your wings to fly to a new world?

The first and most real love any bartender can receive in the whole world and not just in London is the expectation and appreciation form a guest in the bar…that’s the real thing that moves all the rest of the energies…. You don’t need a system that allows you to spread your wing. You need a work environment, colleagues, managers who trust you and give you the freedom to be professionally creative…

Most of rock stars must do a show.. and shows generally are fake… or too much planning to be kept real… 



. Especially after the collaboration with Jamie Oliver on drinks tube you are an inspiration to many bartenders and ‘wanna be you’! What would be the five descriptive words that you feel should describe a true professional bartender today?

1. Don’t be afraid of making mistake

2. Keep in mind that you can not please everyone, someone will be always less positive or not keen on you.

3. Don’t work for free, especially when is related to a multimillion dollar spirits company

4. Don’t copy or replicate someone else, work for getting personal credit, get inspired of what others do and adapt it to something newer.

5. Remember that time is the most precious thing and the one you have lost it can not come back again.


. Name some of the most unusual ingredient combinations you have used in a cocktail so far.

Kiwi manhattan

Figs and chinotto

Cashew fruit and uni blanc

Abalone and pomelo



. When you take your suit off and with your casuals showing your tattoos (!) as a customer to a simple bar what would you drink?

I have stopped wearing a suit 5 years ago when I saw that it became a forced stereotype in global scale cocktail competitions… you don’t need a suit to be better or look better… it takes few second to define a person from being genuine or not…

I would drink everything… but now I have reduce my drinking habits up to 90%... I taste a lot but I don’t drink that much anymore…I’m getting old !!!


. How do Real fruit purees compare to whatever is available on the market?

Cheap things are not good. Good things are not cheap…

The difference its obvious. There is REAL fruit into it and you can see it by the natural sediments that occur and a shorter shelf life…I love to use them because I know what I get and they give me a lot of inspiration when I play with new flavor combinations.


. Pair the following ingredients to a drink

1. Smoked Haddock with horseradish and orange segments


2. Honey glazed five spice duck


3. Gyro tower with tzatziki layers


4. Artichokes with parmesan flakes on a soy and honey glaze



Simone Caporale, one of the most successful bartenders of the new generation. He started from coffee bars in beautiful Como, his home town, and little that he knew that going to London the world just opened up in front of him. International brands employed him as an Ambassador while many awards of recognition came his way but one must not forget that this is after long hours of hard work. What he promises ti us is more creativity and many more projects ahead!


Hacker Martini

in Booze
on: 18 July 2017

Diamantis Iliadis (see interview on FACES), Bartender at the Holy Garden, Athens Music Hall, has dedicated a Summer Mediterranean cocktail ‘HACKER MARTINI’


15 ml Pernord Ricard

60 ml Tsipouro (plain)

We aromatize the ice with the Pernod with a quick stir and we empty the liquid into another mixer but keeping the ice. We add the plain Tsipouro for another quick stir and we empty the liquid in the mixing glass.

We strain the liquid spirits in a cold coupete rimmed with a dust from black olives.


A visit at the gardens of Athens Music Hall (Megaron Mousikis), the Holy Garden, a collaboration of the Holy Spirit bar team and Mama fuga restaurant, is a different scenario altogether,… coming from the future! I liked that! 

There we had our appointment with bartender Diamantis Iliadis, creating there in the team of Xavier Michaelides . So, alongside a few Tiki cocktails by Diamantis we managed to jot this down!



. Placed in so indifferent bar concepts, especially in this new innovative era of the Greek bar scene, how do you adopt your personality in order to perform accordingly?

Parting in different concepts in bar industry I have come across many times in conflict with myself about the real reason why I have chosen to be a professional bartender. Finally I think you should always leave your personality free, to express all you believe and represent.


. Do you have a mentor in the profession and why?

I don’t think so, you see I'm a great thief; I get everything I find good from everybody I'm working with. But if I have to choose a mentor I think he’s Brian Flanagan (Tom Cruise) from the ‘cocktail” movie  . He looks like he loves his job and makes everybody happy. I love to see my costumers have fun and leave my bar a little bit happier before they came in.


. What are the Diamantis principles when in comes to food pairing and give us some examples. 

First of all you have to imagine what the chef has in his mind, what feelings he wants to transport to the visitors and help him with your drink. It’s not necessary to use the same ingredients, but for sure your choices have to match nicely. If his plate has ginger you can choose chilly or if he wants to make an oily plate you need cool flavors.



. What is the ideal bar for you?

Flavors, Dance, Smiles, Flirt, Love


. Is the subject of vodka saturated? It was gins? Is it rum now and what is next??

Saturated…maybe… because we talk about industry and trends, The handcraft spirits I think will be the next.


. How would you teach a young bartender under your wings to approach a customer?

First of all with smile and politeness, we want to make our visitors have fun, so let them tell you what they need and be the part of their company, always of course with discretion.


. What is your favorite spirit and why?

Ι like vodka, but I like gin more and rum more than gin and vodka, but finally I like tequila more than everything else, also mescal is so lovely and whiskey a very good friend, I think that the drink I like more it depends on the moment I want to drink it…


. Give us examples of some new ingredient combinations that are not so much seen and make an interesting marriage.

Lychee with Pelargonium and Anise with Black olive


. How do we see Diamantis in the future? What is the bigger idea?

I want to be on an island with my own bar; it’s not very big but is my dream



. You have worked together with such innovative chef’s  pair cocktails and bar food. Which case was the most extreme?

Maybe the Black Angus tailgate with Asians spices and Peruvians roots match up with Mescal, Mango, Tamarind and chipotle at «The Pantera Negra»


. Do you feel that the bar scene is developing in a different way, a new direction or is it going back to classics??

Back to the future my friend! We love Classics, it’s the base.


. Which was the best moment of your career?

Maybe the win at the Greek Finlandia vodka cup and the participation at the World Final at Lapland…




. The whole bartender presentation, contact with customers, body language etc are today very important but often different from bar to bar. Some standards though are always the same. What would you have as a 5 points list of a bartender must always be?

Politeness, Patient, Protective, Affordable, Gentleman


Diamantis Iliadis
Diamantis has done studies in Tourism professions and started as a young waitor prior to becoming a barista. With such experiences he wins the passport to work in the summer seasons in bars on the islands of Andros, Tinos, Syros, Lesvos and Spetses. The adaptability and contribution to such a variety of locations makes Diamantis a very dynamic and diversified modern bartender.
Amongst the most inspiring places he has worked we single out the Pairidaeza bar Athens, Drunk Sinatra Athens, Argonaftis bar Tinos, Baba bar Syros, The palms at Poseidonion Hotel Spetses, La Pantera Negra Athens and now at Holy Spirit Glyfada and at the garden of the Music Hall in Athens.


This is an Indochina favorite of mine where all the fragrances take you places and wonderful with beer and sake shots in between delicious mouthfuls.

Slightly oil the duck’s breasts and dip in five spices, salt and paper cover with paper and refrigerate for a couple of hours.

Meanwhile peel and whole boil beetroots till tender and cut into preferable shapes or sticks. In a pan with little oil, fry some chopped onion and garlic, add a bay leaf, 1 tablespoon of ginger powder, 2 tablespoons garam marsala, 1 table spoon cinnamon, a few gloves, a pinch of chilly, salt and pepper and mix well to a paste. Chop in one tomato, and pour in some coconut milk and simmer for 10 minutes. Add a spoon of yoghurt and the juice of a half lime.

Pan fry the ducks with no oil on both sides for 3 minutes each side and baked in an oven for 5 minutes. Serve the breasts sliced or whole on top of the curry and accompany with any sweet chutney and sour cream. Yummy!


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