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Paris Christofides

Paris Christofides

Paris Christofides is a World traveler, a connoisseur of lifestyle and a perceiver of situations. He has the charisma of seeing through things but seeing things coming in the future as trends although often creating trends! He is an extremely creative person capable of putting things together in a unique manner and has a way to present simple things in a stunning way. He is highly communicative and a people’s person thus a good trainer. He is flexible and adaptable coming from being a gypsy and an aristocrat the same time. His trade is being a consultant on food/drink and music, design and atmosphere, organization and management, personality coaching and…concepts, concepts, concepts!

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The burnt liquor 소주; 燒酒 , SOJU since the Mongol invasions of Korea  in the 12th century, by the Yuan Mongols. These Mongols have acquired the technique of distilling arak from the Persians during  the invasion of Anatolia, and Persia. Soju is still called arak-ju.

Soju is traditionally made in South Korea by distilling alcohol from fermented grains. Since original productions sweeteners have been added, potato and rice is being also used to differ the end results. In 2000s, soju started to dominate the world's spirit market presented even in the top 100 global spirit brands.

Soju is neutral-tasting like vodka, 20-24% alcohol  but doesn’t have the harsh alcohol burn. It is consumed straight with food, but also mixes well into cocktails. Replace it with gin in a Negroni or mix it with ginger, gin, coconut or else…



A Summer cool one would be when mixed with ginger syrup, watermelon juice, and simple syrup, or mix it with Sake and create Asian mystique cocktails as there is a certain aura about this!

Koreans like in many other social gestures have very strict rules of etiquette  and showing respect when drinking soju. If they receive  a glass from an elderly person, they must hold the glass with two hands  and bow the head gently. When it is time to drink, the drinker must turn away from the elder, and cover the mouth and glass with their hands. The first drink must be finished in one shot. When the glass is empty, the drinker hands it back to the person who poured the drink for them and the drinker then pours them a shot. This starts a series of glass and bottle passes around the table! You never pour your own drink!


Panagiotis Ergatis

in Faces
on: 05 June 2017

How did you start being interested into flairing bartending?

It’s a nice question and also that question makes me travel back in time many years ago. At the sweet age of 17 I was a waiter in a coffee-bar in my town .My boss was one of the top Greek barista and he was promoting the Hellenic competitions on the TV screens. In the middle of the season I became a barista in the same bar so I learned a lot about coffee and how you can work properly behind the bar but all these wasn't enough after saw the Greek flair bartending championship live! I got inspired and motivated and thus i decided to learn flair bartending and work as a bartender.


Is the approach to serious cocktailing behind a bar forbidding for flair?

I think that the serious cocktailing and mixology can approach flair behind the bar if the flair quality and flair knowledge is of a good level. Flair is a way to upgrade your sales behind the bar in other words is like marketing. If you can control your flair skills, studying mixology everyday and be a polite person with the hospitality into your blood then you have a perfect recipe. Flair can be combined with serious mixology but one thing is for sure that flair on its own doesn't open any door for a job in a serious bar!


What is your advice to bartenders who try to impress behind the bar?

My advice to those who want to impress behind the bar is simple...

Work hard 

Smile to everyone


and let the people do the talking……  not you talking about yourselves!


A cocktail menu as you design it needs to cover various aspects. How do you approach this in your consultancy?

I love the Mediterranean culture so all my lists have this Mediterranean spirit in them and that’s the way I’m approaching the bar and restaurants.

I always try to make something different and tasty for every bar and resto I collaborate with and I’m trying to find the best solution for them to upgrade their sales. The most important is taste, diversity, and an element of surprise!


How important is the Body language of a bartender? Give us some tips

Body language is very important and much more important than the bar skills cause is the way to be friendlier with the customer and make them feel like home. Myself I like to move all the time behind the bar and I also try to analyze if my customers at the bar are happy and relaxed from the way they seat.

Tip 1

A Bartender must always be well dressed and welcome everyone who is standing in front of him with a gesture, either the moving of the head or looking into their eyes.

Tip 2

A bartender must always look busy in preparing or just polishing glasses and be readily available in front of the newcomer with the greeting and paying attention to service. Standing straight up and not leaning on the bar is very important.


You have taken part in many flair bartending competitions and shows. Give us your best moments and your worst moments?

Indeed I took part in many competitions in my life so far. 

I don’t think I have a worst moment or a favorite just because every competition is different and at the end you have good memories with the new friends you make. It is a priceless  experience! So, only best moments!

It is also a great honor when you achieve very good position and for me I’m proud for myself and  my family because my dad is my trainer and I managed to be the top3 in Greek flair bartendending for two consecutive years, 2016 and 2017


Confidence is an important weapon when it comes to appearing in front of an audience and judges looking at your face, fingers, and your body movements and your charisma at any second! How do you build yourself up to coming on stage with all this and a smile too?

Yes of course it needs a little talent but without hard work talent is nothing. You must have a lot of training and bar show experience to built confidence and smile during a flair routine.

Being a dancer also, it gives me a small advantage sometimes because I know the way how to build a routine with happy parts inside. The most important thing is to live each single moment you flair because people understand and feel that, and this is the way to enjoy the show and feel the vibes of it. 


How important is the aesthetic and appearance of a flairing bartender is to the competitions? 

In a flair competition you create your own show that means that you choose the music, your theme you built up your own cocktails. Also you dress up the way you like and make everything as properly as you can, so the aesthetic part is something that is very important and I think that all the professional bartenders gives attention to this part. Some are luckier if they are charismatic in the way the look and move too!


How important is knowledge to cocktail making? How did you manage to build yourself into a professional head bartender?

As a head bartender right now I'm not thinking only about flair I have a lot of responsibilities. One of the most important is the cocktail knowledge and to refresh the list occasionally during the season because I want our customers to drink and taste high quality cocktails every time they visit us and to have a lot of options.

I think that we live in a new cocktail era in hospitality industry and we have a lot of things to share with the customers.

Today we need to know history and geography through our bottles, we need to live today through the news and have a positioning in a possible conversation, so yes knowledge is important.

But one thing that is important for a head bartender is to see his customers smile in his bar and we have to thank and make happy all these people who spend some of their money to our bars. Because they keep alive this flame inside us if we didn't have them now we wouldn't discuss about bartending.


Born in Ioannina in Greece Panagiotis Ergatis had training in the hospitality industry in various positions and developed as a bartender to the level of now creating bar list in various bars around the country of Greece. He followed seminars on mixology and body language in Italy, UK and Greece. His passion for flair took him to take part in many flairing competitions with a good positioning not only in Greece but in the UK too.Today he is the Head bartender at Cameo Cocktail Club in Hersonisos/Crete Island.


Loreta Toska

in Faces
on: 27 April 2017

Why do you thinκ ‘ Silver Lining’ won the judgment as the best cocktail to win the Bacardi Legacy and represent Greece to the finals in Berlin this May?

I think because it had all the elements of a Legacy drink: A unique and simple recipe inspired by a personal story that can anyone imprint himself in it and with a strategic campaign designed for its promotion.


Take us on the road from the idea to the competition day?

Well my idea was to play with temperatures and textures in a drink that will express in the most simple way my personality. I try all the time to be positive and to see the best in bad situations so I wanted my drink to represent this. And because I always gaze at the clouds, Silver Lining was the obvious name for my cocktail.


How do you discipline yourself to achieve a goal?

The most difficult thing is to stay focused in your goal for such a long period but if you believe in your goal you always find a way...


How would you describe yourself as a bartender? What are you aiming to do behind the bar?

I would consider myself as a dedicated and committed bartender. I am aiming always to be creative.


Finish these ingredients to a possible cocktail with a spirit.

a. Pomegranate, rosemary……….. Gin.

b. Pumpkin, curry………Whiskey.

c. Beetroot, mustard………………….Tequila.


What is your life philosophy?

Always to “Look for the Silver Lining”!


Which spirit you think is the most diversified and why?

I think rum because it has less law restrictions than other spirits.


Everything is done these days behind the bar. How do you feel cocktailing will develop into a new trend in the near future?

It will be stabilized into categories even more than it is today.


Give us 3 words to describe the best/ideal bartender for you.

Polite, clean, communicative.


You have been a bartender in many places till today. Different levels, different ambiances, etc all good experiences usually. At which place did you feel you have learned the most important things?

Theory bar & more where I work for the last 3 years gave me the best “soil” to grow and bloom.


How do you see yourself in the future?

Chasing new challenges. 

What is happening to you as a person now on tour with the Silver Lining?

It made me stronger and ‘richer’.


Create a Mediterranean cocktail for ‘Hacker’ using only local ingredients.

Mastiha Spirit, Italian Bitter Aperitif, Greek Brandy, a splash of sparking water and fresh rosemary for garnish. ’HACKER’ and enjoy it!


Loreta Toska from Greece studied public relations and communication and  works for the last 15 years in the field of hospitality and for at least the last 4 years as a serious professional bartender. Now she leads a strong team at the THEORY BAR & MORE in Halandri, Athens. In 2015-2016 she was the Finalist World Class Greece and in 2017 The Bacardi Legacy Winner of Greece representing the country to the World finals on the 23rd May in Berlin.


Here is an idea for warm home food, things one cannot find at a linen table restaurant but probably like me, reminiscing of Asian street food experiences while on travels. So get your earthy bowls and wooden spoons and spin around this idea.

Chop some carrots, onions, celery, potatoes and garlic and sweat in an oily deep pan with fresh thyme, a couple of sage leaves and bay leaves. Add some water the lentils and some tea bags of Lapsang Souchong to boil till cooked at low heat for about 50 minutes. Remove the tea bags and add some finely chopped red tomatoes, coriander and parsley leaves and simmer for another few minutes.

Enjoy it with warm fresh bread and a good spread of anchovy butter or horseradish cream and perhaps a malt whisky! 


Vasilis Koukias

in Faces
on: 11 April 2017

It’s often intriguing as to what happens to people we meet professionally and what becomes out of them as the years go by. This is the case of Bartender Mixologist Vasilis Koukias who crossed paths with me in Cyprus quite some years ago! Vasilis now with 25 years of experience in the bar industry has a lot to say through maturity and bar wisdom. He worked at Jackson Hall in Kolonaki (1996-2000), in Cyprus at Cream bar, Guru Bar and Pralina (2001-2003), then back to Jackson Hall from Bar manager to General manager. Since 2012 till today he is the mixologist at Kripti bar, Trikala/Greece.



He has studied various courses and followed an impressive number of seminars and master classes for mixology, barista, art of blending, art of distilling while he has taken part in a number of professional competitions often receiving the first position or respectably a distinguished rank. 

Vasilis, being trained classically and evolving through times to be a modern technique’s bartender has kept the professional ethos to a respectable frame and enjoys a good dedicated audience at Kripti bar. It’s that feeling of being treated when you have such amount of experience and talent behind the bar! It is expressed with respectful service, perfect wording, cool moves and just right drinks.


He mixed a few signature cocktails for us

Your love is King’ - Martin Millers gin, ginger water, ginger liqueur, fresh lime juice, cherry bitters (Fee brothers), Peychaud’s bitters.


Blue Black - Beluga vodka, North, fresh blueberries, kiwi, caramel Marie Brizard, fresh lime juice.


Viper - Woodford reserve, ruby red porto, ammarena syrup, Peter Heering, Angostura bitters, cherry bitters (Fee brothers).

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