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Isola Beach Bar
21 Oct 2018

“…a platform for all to make a lifetime story”



Best described by myself as I have provided the concept for it, ISOLA BEACH BAR

Located in Cyprus most visited Nissi  beach with the vibe coming naturally from the blue sea, white sand, summer breeze and all these people from all over the world seeking to worship the sun and take all that beach culture!




Isola is a platform for all to make a lifetime story while tasting Mediterranean cocktails of premium labels , coffees or splendid food. Starting from the bar list where it features unavoidably beach time favorites but the emphasis is given on the Med section where Zivania, Masticha, Ouzo, fresh greens and herbs from the gardens are used to create new refreshing ideas in cocktailing. Another section features some classic cocktails with a Mediterranean twist but the list also features researched whiskies and rums while there is a great selection of Gins from around the world. But enough about alcohol, as there are options for ‘’non alcoholics” and vegans too!



The food is based on the idea that everyone orders a couple of small dishes so that they all share, like we eat in this part of the world. The most celebrated salad is the Wellness salad, featuring greens pomegranate, quinoa, cherry tomatoes, avocado, poppy seeds and lavender dressed beautifully and deliciously, while I would pick the orzotto with seafood flavored with ouzo and the marinated beef in Med herbs, so succulent on top of a smoked aubergine salad, pitta bread and accompanied by a béarnaise sauce evidently flavored with Kalamata olives! Fantastic combination of tastes!

WHY GO THERE – For one million reasons like to see so much blue, meet so many people, listen to good vibes, taste the food and sip down various drinks…. Hold hands, exchange feelings with your partner or simply smile and look around making stories, which is the slogan of the bar! Not a lot of people know this bar or what they can do at this bar day or night…..!

Speakeasyhacker tip- Lifetime experience  the DINNER FOR 2.



Isola Beach Bar
Nissi Beach
Ayia Napa/Cyprus



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