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NOEL Athens most preferred bar
26 Nov 2018

Not very new but probably Athens most preferred bar with food for all the times. A spectacular bar with people from the morning till late at night. The place features perhaps 3 bars well stocked for innovative cocktails the Athenian way! Athens is probably a cocktail town featuring many celebrated specializing bars and people are supporting this scene by always going out thus making their town constantly busy all days of the week. 

Feeling this buzz we entered the world of Noel as if it’s always Xmas! Heavy curtains and ornated ceilings with lush chandeliers and old paintings on the walls all add to a spectacle everywhere you look. Don’t try to analyze the exact era or location or the authenticity of the interiors portrait, as you will be confused. Simply take Noel as it is, a creation of a busy atmosphere transitions with impressions of a classic 18th century perhaps tea room or else! Alternatively be in Havana or Rio, Paris or Venice all in one place called NOEL in Athens!

We went there for brunch with no booking and as there were no available tables we sat at the bar which we love. We had the ‘Eggs Noel’ with sautéed spinach, baby asparagus, prosciutto, parmesan, poached eggs and truffle oil and ‘Eggs Benedict’ with green salad. Accompanied by 3 types of bread and country styled fries we enjoyed every bit of it. The brunch was followed by coffee and more drinks later…and more good cocktails by the early evening!



Highness (Masticha, lemon, cardamom, mango and thyme)


The music was eclectic as in most bars in Athens probably most trying to please the same audience and portrait vintage jazzy or remixed lifestyle tunes from Italy, France and South America although Noel added references to Greek music too.

Although the service was confusing as the scene was one of so many people looking after so many people…, we were lifted by the buzz of the place and the fact that we stepped in a whole new world in the heart of Athens.

Why go there- It’s highly recommended!



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