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Birdman Japanese Pub!
26 Nov 2018

A long bar with two ways in and out brings together all sorts at all times. The place is Japanese contemporary and overcrowded if you don’t get to seat at the bar. Everyone squeezes to pass by and the waiting staff is forever smiling trying to say ‘I’m sorry may I pass?”. Behind the bar there are about 10 people as some 4 chefs are working on top of each other, a bartender, a cashier, some waitresses and a responsible person all interchanging  in an effort to provide an efficient service.



Birdman is a new pub with Japanese small bites in Athens like any other modern Yakitori restaurant in hip cities of the world but much more, it refers to places in New York to me. The buzz is superb, the music is jazzy, funky, rock eclectic perhaps, but what amused me was the placement of two vinyl players and a mixer with loads of vinyls to be played but only 60 cm space was available for a supposed dj to stand on top of the cashier to spin vinyl records. I wish I had experience that. I noticed a compilation of Miles Davies on top of the record player, it would have been nice! Oh and a contrast as there was a little robot on top of the vinyl players! So cool!

Do not take me wrong, Birdman is an innovation for Athens and an alternative bar or pub as they call themselves. It opened in July/August 2018. There is quality in the glasses and the ice, an extensive collection of whiskies from Japan, America, Scotland and more, Gin and tonics to be included in the trend, some classic cocktails, sake and less beers. The list is well thought.

The food items were in groups of bites, greens, yakitory, some signature bites and a couple of sweets all beautiful and so, so tasty! Birdman says "our yakitori skewers are caramelized at 500 degrees Celsius over a cast iron grill under a bed of natural lava rocks!". Mushidori, Tsukume and Kaburi compiled the bites of the night alongside draught Asahi beer and Nikka Coffey Gin and tonics.



Why go there –It’s a bar, a nice bar, with some bites, very good bites, light and it’s good eating. You are looked after by so many skilled people right in front of you. It is an experience and a change from a typical night out at a seat down meal. Keep it simple!

Hint – Pair the Hibiki whisky with the meaty bites of the menu.



Skoufou 2/Voulis 35

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