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‘I want people to come and make love…’ - Lorraine Icke
15 Nov 2019

‘It is all about your inner world, I want people to come, relax and find themselves,… to come to a balance with their inner world and bring out their best self. I want people to become one with nature and feel its energy, away from everyday life’s pressures, to experience other emotions, to discover themselves. I want people to come and make love, this place is all about love!’ 



In the beautiful countryside of Kent, just outside London, there is a discovery to be made, the Clements Cottage, hosting the Samsara Retreat and Yoga. It offers a magical journey to serenity, a place to unwind and nourish yourselves, relax, breathe, meditate and practice yoga or just be lazy and lose yourself in the surrounding nature. It is not like any other retreat, this one is uniquely special.  




The yoga is offered daily indoors at a traditional oast house or outdoors in the spectacular garden at sunrise and sunset. Dipu, the yoga master, delivers a person-centered holistic experience with authentic confidence.  


The retreat features a main, where people can stay in the romantic motive that Loraine and Dipu designed for a definite comfort and detailed luxury. We, as speakeasyhackers, alternatively stayed at the shepherd’s hut at the corner of the gardens overlooking a spectacular green field resembling one of the Braveheart or The Vikings battle fields! 



The views, the clean air and the moon emerging through the clouds at night kept us on the sofa outdoors and in silence enjoying the mesmerizing sounds of the leaves on the trees and becoming one with nature. The hut in a comfortable simplicity featured a log fire and a very luxurious raised bed, in line with the window and overlooking the fields and the sky when lying down. 


The retreat offers country breakfast and meals but certainly request for the special curries that Dipu prepares with a smile. The Samsara retreat and yoga is all about love, an experience that needs to be discovered! 



Samsara Retreat and Yoga 
Clements cottage 
West Peckham, Kent ME18 5jp 



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